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The six-tailed Naruto breaks the seal and attacks God Realm with full force.Summary:After Naruto transforms into the six-tailed monster, the seal placed on his body activates and tries to restrain Naruto, but Naruto crushes the seal. The crazed Naruto charges straight at God Realm who responds with a Shinra Tensei, but Naruto withstands the repulsion and turns the force back onto God Realm, sending him flying into the crater wall. Naruto then charges up for an energy blast, but God Realm hits him with a boulder just in time to deflect the blast which creates a sizable crater of its own.It's not as if the village wasn't destroyed enough already...Meanwhile Sakura and the other Konoha Ninjas are watching the fight. After learning that Naruto has six tails, Sakura tells Katsuyu to tell everyone to get away from what's left of the village. Sakura's message is relayed to Inoichi's group, and Inoichi wonders where Yamato is. In a forest somewhere, Yamato, Sai, and Anko are tracking Kabuto. Just as Sai pins down Kabuto's location, a "6" appears on Yamato's right hand and Yamato realizes Naruto has broken the seal.Back at the village, God Realm and Naruto get back on their feet and God Realm starts leading Naruto away from the village. After getting the information from the Hyuga ninja, Sakura realizes this is a chance for her to retrieve Hinata. Meanwhile, God Realm is leading Naruto ever closer to Pain's real body. After getting within range of the real body, God Realm puts his hands together and calls upon the technique Chibaku Tensei.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~In case all of you are wondering, Hinata appears to be still alive from that one small panel that she appeared in, and so Sakura might end up saving her. All of the HinataxNaruto fans can breath a temporary sigh of relief at least for now. As for the big battle, it looks like God Realm's standard tricks don't work too well against the massive power of the six-tailed Naruto. Naruto basically used the entire ground as an anchor to repel God Realm's attack. It doesn't get more brute force than that. Anyways, demon-fox Naruto is undoubtedly powerful but kind of mindless, so Pain probably still has the advantage especially since he has more tricks up his sleep. Meanwhile, Inoichi and company for reason haven't gotten anywhere yet with finding Pain's real body (might actually turn out to be a blessing since God Realm and Naruto are headed in that direction), but it looks like Yamato will be back in a (possibly futile) effort to rein in the out-of-control Naruto.
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