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Luffy and Mr. 3 hold off Magellan while Jimbei and rest of the gang try to steal a ship.Summary:After seeing Mr. 3's wax block Magellan's poison, Luffy gets Mr. 3 to fashion him some wax boxing gloves and platform shoes to fight Magellan. Magellan attacks with a poison hydra but it is blocked by Mr. 3, and then the chief warden is punched by Luffy and hit with a cannon salvo from the other inmates.Buggy trying to fit in with the cool group, but he forgot that having real skills is a prerequisite.While Luffy and Mr. 3 are holding off Magellan, Jimbei and the rest of the escapees bust through the front gate only to find that the dock is devoid of ships. While some prisoners are quick to lose hope, Jimbei spots the Marine ships in the distance and gets an idea. Using half of the front gate as a platform and himself as a motor, Jimbei ferries Crocodile, Mr. 1, and Buggy (who thought being with the strongest guys was the safest choice) towards the Marine ships. The Marine ships open fire but Jimbei steers clear of all the shells. Jimbei then sends his comrades on to a Marine ship with a water blast, and then he quickly climbs aboard the ship as well.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Everything pretty much went as expected in this chapter, except that I was a little surprised that the dock was empty, which meant Blackbeard's ship must have left as well. I thought Blackbeard's ship wouldn't leave since they were still inside the prison, but perhaps Blackbeard commandeered the Marine crew along with the ship. Guess that throws my "Luffy escaping on Blackbeard's ship" theory out the window. Otherwise, everything else was pretty predictable with Luffy donning Mr. 3's wax to fight Magellan and the Marine ships leaving dock. It looks Luffy can hit Magellan now without taking damage himself, but the chief warden probably still has at least one more trick up his sleeve. As for Jimbei's front, the Marine might try to sink they ship that Jimbei's group has invaded since Jimbei is the only attacker who can swim, but the ships are not that far apart so Crocodile and the rest may be able to hop from ship to ship.Once again, no word on what's happening with Shiryuu and Blackbeard's crew. They are somewhere and (most likely) still alive, so I'm just wondering what they are up to.
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