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Naruto and Sakura try to dig up some info on Danzo from Sai, but they are confronted by two of the Kumagakure ninjas who are after Sasuke.Summary:After learning that Sasuke has been labeled a missing-nin, Naruto and Sakura want to march off to confront Danzo, but Kakashi stops them stating that they will be playing right into Danzo's hands. At makeshift Hokage's office, Danzo orders Sai to keep an eye on Naruto. Sai wonders about Danzo's plans for Naruto, and Danzo states that he'll just monitor Naruto for now as Naruto is a hero of the village.Sai: Check out my Fruit Roll-Up tongue tattoo. Cool eh?A bit later, Naruto and Sakura run into Sai on the outskirts of the village. Naruto and Sakura want Sai to give them info about Danzo, but Sai points to a seal on his tongue and states that he can't talk about Danzo. Naruto and Sakura are appalled that Danzo would put such a seal on his own men, but Sai states that Danzo is doing this for the good of the village. Naruto and Sakura then start talking about Sasuke and this moment they are confronted by Omoi and Karui. After a brief scuffle, Omoi and Karui reveal that Sasuke had helped Akatsuki kidnap their master (Killer Bee) much to the shock of Naruto and Sakura.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The chapter is mostly setup for Sasuke's big homecoming. Danzo doesn't look like he is in a hurry to do anything yet, but that will probably change especially if Sasuke shows up. As for Sai, I don't think the talk seal alone is enough to stop Sai from tattling on Danzo. The tongue seal certainly doesn't stop Sai from thinking about Danzo's secrets, so unless the seal guards against writing and memory extraction by interrogators then Sai can easily reveal the info some other way. It's possible that Sai just doesn't want to tell Naruto and Sakura since he is still loyal to Danzo, or maybe Danzo, given how paranoid he seems to be, does have the other safeguards in place to prevent information leaks. If I recall correctly, Sai has been sent to assassinate Sasuke before so I can't see him really helping Naruto and Sakura "save" Sasuke.With Sasuke (ever so slowly) on his way to Konoha, at least Naruto, Sakura, and Team Ssamui wouldn't have to aimlessly look around. I wonder if Killer Bee will show up seeing how Sasuke and his students are going to be in Konoha at the same time.
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