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About Anime Nano

Anime Nano was designed and coded by Hung Truong. He also writes the Basugasubakuhatsu Anime Blog. You can contact him at admin[at]animenano[dawt]com.

Anime Nano is an anime blog indexer. It periodically goes through a list rss or atom feeds, and places the entries in one convenient location. So instead of visiting each of your favorite anime blogs one by one, never sure whether content has been updated, you can keep track of them all with Anime Nano.

Aside from viewing entries on the main page, you can also register for an account and subscribe to blogs which will appear in "My Nano" This lets you filter out any entries that you don't want to see. As the list of indexed anime blogs on Anime Nano grows, this feature will probably become more and more useful.

The Blog Directory lists all of the anime blogs currently being indexed by Anime Nano. Here, you can pick which ones to subscribe to, as well as get to know what each blog is about. If there is an anime blog that you'd like to see on Anime Nano that isn't currently being indexed, I suggest you send a nice email to the author requesting that he or she register on Anime Nano.

In addition to finding entries from the main page or My Nano, you can visit individual Anime Series as well. The entries are sorted by date, newest ones first.

If you have any questions about Anime Nano, you can either email Hung, try reading the FAQ, or tweet to @animenano.

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