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100 Word Anime -1 Credit(s) 26 Hours 2D > 3D 2dphile 2-D Teleidoscope 427 :: ANIME MAHOU :: anime & manga blog 8thSin Fansubs 91.8 The Fan ⑨ centimetres per second aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Abandoned Factory Anime Review a brigade diary Absolute Fanboy Absolute Territory Accany's VN Dump Ace Railgun A Certain Judgment-al Anime Review A Certain Magical Grimoire Ace's Weblog - Anime, Figures, Fanfiction ACF anime radio show Adashino's Consulting Office Adziu's Small Corner A Feminist Otaku A Foreigner's Tale in Japan A Gabriela Robin Site Against Moe a geek by any other name A "Home Look" on Gunpla and GFF - A Fusion of Japan's Otaku and Popular Culture All About Manga AllFiction Almost A Hero ~ Weren't We All? -ALPHANoX- PROJECT Altair & Vega AlternateSam - Life is just but a stage under the skies ALTIMIT R AM11PM7 Amaenbou Dane~ Ambi'seiyuulog Ambivalence- or is it ambiguity? Am I a GEEK? Blog Analog Housou AngryAnimeBitches Anime Blog AngryJellyfish's Blog AniCoverage Anientity Ani-Gamers Animanachronism Animated Andy Animatic Figmation Animation Revelation's Animation Blog About Animation AniMatsuri Anime² .: Anime 2 Manga :. Anime4Review Blog Anime Academy Anime Almanac Anime Anthology AniMeat Anime Audiolog Anime Aura anime auteurs Anime Banzai Anime B&B Anime Bento Anime Blog ga Arimasu Anime Classic Reviews Anime Comments and Reviews Anime Desho Desho? Anime Diet Anime Edge Anime Evo Anime Fascination Anime Figure News Anime Full Circle Anime Genesis Anime Gerad Anime Herald Anime Instrumentality Anime Instrumentality Anime Is Dead AnimeLap AnimeMage.Com Anime, Manga and Everything In-Between anime manga figure Anime & Manga Horizon Anime | Manga | J-Music World ^^ Anime.Manga.Shinkansen Anime March Madness Anime Maru Anime Monographia Anime Nano Podcast Anime Nichijou. Animenz Piano Sheets anime|otaku Anime Picks Anime Pilgrimage AnimePress Anime Princess Anime Pulp Anime Raku Animerated - anime reviews, news and information Anime Reviews AnimeSannins Anime Scoop Anime September Anime Solstice Anime Sophist Anime UK News Anime Under The Sun Anime Vice Anime Viking Anime Vios AnimeVision Anime Void Anime wa Bakuhatsu da! Anime With A Side Of Sarcasm Anime World Order Podcast Anime-Zone.NET Ani-nouto AniRa: Animeraifu * AniRecs Anime Blog * Anislice Anitay Aniverse Anivision Another Anime Review Anta Baka? Anthony's Anime Reviews A Phenomena A Place of Ignorance Approach Phase A Product of Wasted Time Apsalus Anime * Apurikotto Waffle * Are-are ARIA Anime アリア アニメ Ashita no Anime Asperger's Anime Blog Assorted Explorations a stone and a small ripple Astrobunny's Blog AstroNerdBoy's Anime and Manga Blog Atama Ga Warui Atarashii Prelude atelier emily A-Theory Attack on Anime :: No Anime No Life Attack On Gaming| Anime autaku Average Asian Anime Blog Avvesione's Anime Blog AWESOME ENGINE A World in Rhetoric Azure Flame badger11's take on anime ~bad luck party~ Bakapedia Baka-Raptor Baka Reviews bananaMuffin Band of the Hawk Basugasubakuhatsu Anime Blog! bateszi Behind The Nihon Review Beneath the Tangles Beta-Waffle Between Linux and Anime Beyond The Mountain Lies A World Of Frills Bishoujo Project Bits of Anime × • = bj0rN = • × Black and Blue Socks Bleached Ichigo [email protected] Blossom Media Center Blue Blue Wave bluemist anime blog Blue Wave Network BMecha Hangar Bokutachi no Blog Borderline Hikikomori BoxAnimeManga Brain Food Lunch Brave New Moe Brave New Moe Broken Anime buragOtaku Burrowowl calamitousintents Canne's anime review blog CanyouMoe? 3rd Season Caraniel's Ramblings Cardcaptor's Blog CarnivalogiC Cartoon Leap Anime Blog Cassie's Anime and Manga Blog Certifiably Insane Chan-Chan's Anime Blog chaostangent Chaotic Thoughts Chiaki Project Chika-Chin's Anime Mania! Chikorita157's Anime Blog Chinese Cartoons Cholisose! Choral Tempest Chotto Matte! Chris's Roving Thoughts on Anime Cinnamon Ass claiming ground Clockwork Realm coffee spoons Cogito Ergo Sum Congo Gum conspicuous klu[x] Continuing World Cool & Spicy Cosplay and Camera Crazyanimegyrl Presents: Tha Baka Blog! Crimson Kismet Cruel Angel Theses Crystal Tokyo Anime Blog Cuchlann Culture of Heart Anime Blog Cure Blogger Cute Proxy's Anime Rants Cutfilm Tovent cythoplazma Daifuuku! Anime Blog Daijoubu DailyOtaku dakenso - simple anime blog danie's shopping log Darknives Anime & Manga Blog Darr3n.WiiNix Daybreak's Bell days past our megaten lives~ Death by Moe deculture Deculture Blog deluscar Denpa Waves Densetsu no Shounen A Deremoe Deretsun Die, Fanboys! diego no hibi Digimon: System Restore dokebi club Domo Factor Doragon Den Blog Draggle's Anime Blog Drastic My Anime Blog Dr. lolikitsune's notdotq DubSub - Anime Reviews Dynamite In The Brain East Anyhow Eeeper's Choice Anime and Manga Podcast e-jump's weblog Ekibyougami Emory Anime Club * EmptyBlue * Energia Orbital Engloids Enter Scoop Phase Entravity Ephemeral Dreams Epic Win Blog Equivocal Resolution Eroge Review Evageeks Everything and Nothing Exelica Meteor Experimental Gonzo Art Experimental Gonzo Art Expo Expo Extroverted Otaku Eye Sedso Face of Fact? Fallen Aizen Falling Through The Bed Fanservice FTW Fantastic Memes Fara7 went blogging far away no where Fiction Realm Fighting for Nippon! Finally Anime! Firearky in Figureland flomu FlyingPussyfoot Fnzna Side Dish Forty-Four Fennecs Full Moe Panic !!! Furu Anime Panikku Gabrielino Anime Club Gaiwa: An online community for Japanese learners Ganbare Anime Ganbare Anime GAR GAR Stegosaurus Geekorner - Geekulture Gelotaku9 Anime and Manga Blog Generally Critical Gnostic Lone Wolf Poetry Going Commando on Anime GoodGrief gordonator Grand Punk Railroad Greywings Anime Gudo's Top Anime Gyafunki Hachimitsu Haiku Anime Review Hall of Anime Fame (Halo)² Ha Neul Seom (하늘섬) Hanners' Anime 'Blog HappySoda Hara Hetta Hard Work and Guts: An Anime Blog Haruhi Suzumiya Fansite hashihime 橋姫 Heisei Democracy Heta no Yoko-Zuki Heterochromia Hey, Say, Anime! Hige vs. Otaku Hikari to Kage Hiroi Sekai Hiroi Sekai Hiroi Sekai Hisashiburi! Hobby Hovel hontou ni Hopeless Sensei Hop Step Jump! Hourai NEETwork How a Girl Figures How I Met Your Otaku Hyakunen Hayai Hynavian IchigoYuri I drink and watch anime Illogicalzen I'm Not Japanese Imoutolicious In Asian Spaces Inflating the Tokidoki Balloon In Search of Number Nine Interests of a Psychopath Is That You, Moatilliatta? iSugoi Itasha -Japanese pain car & anime car- It can't be helped Itsumo Anime Blog j1m0ne's blog JapanDere Japanese Melodia JapanPowered JAP-On! Jeckyllcast and blog Jeffrey-sama Jellybean Reviews Jikman's Anime Zone Jinx! - Anime Middle Age Riot J-Isle. j-mAdness || mitayashi no mae Jolly Roger Review Josh's Anime Blog Just Another Anime Podcast Just Another Heaven Just as Planned Just moé Kairu90 the Otaku Kakera Complex KAKUMEI . ANIME BLOG Kal.01 Kaminarianime KANPAI! Karmaburn Kat's Anime Blog Kawaii Kawaii Anime kawaiiosity Kazenomise - A Blog on Anime and Whatnot Kiddokid no Sekai Kidds' Anime Blog Kimaguresan's road to nowhere Kirakuna Kita ze Inbou! Kita ze Inbou! - キタぜ陰謀! Koibito Anime Kokuun Kono Sono~This That[REBIRTH]version2 Konpaku no Uta Konseptual » Anime Kowai Japan! Kritik der Animationskraft KT+Anime 【Kuchi-Makase】 kuji-an Kurogane's Anime Blog Kuro's anime ramble blog Kuujin Kuuki no Puraido Kyouran Kyodai Kyun! Anime Leap250's Blog Legend of the Otakufiend Lemmas and Submodalities *** {{{ ♥ Lethia のブロッグ - The Real Kawaiism ♫ }}} Life, And Anime Life, And Anime Life, And Anime Life, And Anime LightPrince {Lighty Lively} Like Water Limited Insight Listless Ink Little Neko Living. Loving. Learning. Loli Yuri Mania Lost Fan 7-48 Lost in America - Anime & More Lostlink Lost My Thesis Love the Machine Lower Mid-Table Low on Hit Points Lunatic Antics LuRa's Anime Blog Lustrous Realm MadtheJoint Mage in a Barrel Mage in a Barrel Mainichi Anime Yume Major Arcana Mamitan Blog MangaBlog Manga Bookshelf Mangaijin Manga Maniac Cafe Manga Mosaic Manga Therapy Manga Vender Manga Weekend Marth's Anime Blog MASCHERA -Anime for Life- Maserbeam Matthew's Anime Blog * MDZanime * Meaty Anime Blog Mecha Guignol Meeping Anime Blog Mega Megane Moé Memento Memoirs of a MangaWhore Memories of Eternity METANORN Mikotoism Mind of Miku Minimum Tempo Minto no Ie Mitomeru Mitsuketa! Anime Blog Mizorui » Anime Japan Blog Mizu Mode : Moe Moe Check! Moé Idolatry Moemetrics Moe Moe Bacon-kun Moé Moé Rabu Moe Monster Moe Sucks moetron ☆萌えトロン Moggling mon0r Monolith32 MonyaMonya no Jikan Moogy's Anime Blog Moonlit Saki More Anime More Shadows: TL-chan's Anime Blog Mou Yamete! mukyaa~ Musings from Beyond the Clouds Muza-chan`s Gate to Japan My collection of short anime reviews My Impala is actually a Gundam. Mymangamarathon Mystic My stuff My Sword Is Unbelievably Dull myucon n/a N/A NA Nabe!! Nagareboshi Reviews Nandatte? NaNeee?! Natsukashii NEET Gamers nekodan Neko Magic Neko Mimi Mode ¦ ネコミミモード ~!NeKomo neko's thinkbox Nendoroid Cuties Neo Akiba Neonovic Nest of the Fledging Otaku Nest Of The Passing Otaku NewAnimeThursday Nichi Nichi-chan Nick's Anime Weblog Nigorimasen! nil Nobiai Nopy's Blog NotCliche! Novastorm noviceotaku Numbers and Space NyanNyan Oasis Crossing ~The Book of Friends~ Oblivion Sky ochuki Ogiue Maniax Oi, Hayaku! OishiiAnime Old Fart Who Loves Japanese Pop Culture Omonomono One Minute Of Dusk One N' Only Jem Ongaku - The World of Anime Music Open Your Mind Opinion Prone Orchestral Delusion Orcinus Quay Organization Anti-Social Geniuses Organization ASG Orphic Anime OSTGeek Otaben Ota desho? Ota desu Otagamer OtakuCrunch Otaku Dan: The Life of an Anime Fan Otaku Fangirlism otaku home Otaku in Review Otakuism Otaku Life: Anime Review Otaku Lounge Otakuness Anime Reviews Otaku Review Otaku's Hideout Otaku Times Otomen Revival! otter space Oyasuminasai ! Anime Blog PalpableEmotion Paper Chimes Paper Flower Perfectly Moe Perspective of Monk Picchar ^_^ Picture Perfect Paranoia PinkuBentoBox Plastic Monocle Polychromium polymetrica Poopsies! Prede's Anime Reviews Pretense with Glasses Pretty Scythe Project Haruhi Project Otaku Project Otaku Project Saber Protaku Anime and Manga Blog Psychedelic SoulJam Rabbit Poets: Blogging about Anime RABUJOI Rail Tracing Anime Blog Rainbowsphere Ramblings of a Pathetic Fan Ramblings of DarkMirage Random Curiosity Random Wall of Text rayout R.D.N Recommend Me Anime red otaku REMEMBER XVI Renegade Anime Blog Retsgip's Anime Blog Reverse Thieves Rhapsody SoS Ringo Ame Riuva: Research Institute for Unicultural Visual Arts Riyoga's Ramblings Rukinet Ruki: The Running Blog Run Around Kazu Ryuugoku no Senjou: The Otaku Spot saimoe is very serious! [a Saimoe news and editorial blog] Sakura no Shita Sakura Rhapsody Saku's AFK Corner Sama Zama SASHIMI SatchiiKoma Scrumptious Blog Sea of Fragments Sea Slugs! Anime Blog Seasonal Anime Reviews seiyuu3 Sekaikei Sekai wa、 Utsukushii deshou? Sekijitsu Senpai Coast to Coast Senpai Knows Sequential Planet SeventhStyle Sexy Blog and Robo Sexy Blog and Robo Shades of Grey Shadows of Eternity Shameful Otaku Secret! Shannaro!!! She's Lost Control! Shibireru Darou? Shiizumi Anime Blog Shinde Iie Anime Blog Shinkai Summit Shin-Otaku shinyui Shirogane no Suiren Shizuo Nyan Shojo Corner Shojo Lover Shonen Beam Shooting Star Dreamer ShrineOfSloths shtuff: anime blogage Shumiya Silence is Golden Simplicity simplymk SkyLounge slackiance Sleeping Geeks Sleeping Geeks Slice of Japan SonicVer2 : The Randomized Otaku Spam From Japan Sparkle Sparkle Spherical Cows Standing On My Neck Star Crossed Anime Blog Stereometric Stereo Otaku Strangely Common Anime Blog strawberry milk Subculture Anime Blog Subdued Fangirling Suguru's Dame-Dame Anime Blog sunny side up anime blog Sun Tzu Anime Supaku Blog Super Fanicom Super Forshizzle Kitten! Super Noisy Rice Shower Goes Boom!! Super Youkai Warhead Suspended Animation Dreams SUTORAIKUanime Swabulous! Symphonic Tales Anime Blog Taikutsu Remedy Takoyaki Rabu~ Tangerine Tango Tara's Anime Blog Taskforce MOE tasukete! Tea Shop BeLoved TedFox's Anime Reviews Temporal Vortex Tenjou Tenka Seiha Tentacle Armada T.H.A.T anime blog That's Not Kanon The American Otaku The Anime Blog The anime blog reviews TheAnimeHigh The Anime/Manga Harem Brigade The Anime Stock Exchange The Anime Tree The Awesome Critics The Banzai! Effect the beautiful world the Blacksheep Project The Blue Fox Alley The Bonkurasu Brigade The Cafe Subculture The Cart Driver the Check-in Station The Classiest Anime The Coke Machine The Daydream Explorer The Deathseeker The Desu Diary The Ephemeral Sol The Eternally Scarlet Moon THE JPOP MUSEUM The Kotatsu The Limit of Questions The Megane Pirates The Moritheil Review The NEW CSW Blog The Notaku Blog The null set TheOASG The Otaku HQ Blog The Otaku Kid The Otaku's Blog The Pantless Anime Blogger The Parttime Otaku The Perfect World The State of Happiness The Unwound Show The Yuri Empire The Yuri Nation This Blog Does Not Start With A Those Damn Cartoons! Through The Looking Glass Tiamat's Manga Reviews Tim Maughan Books TokiDoki Tokyo Jupiter Tondemo Nothing! Too Old for Anime Tortugas Magicas Tottemo, tottemo Toxic Muffin Toy Pusher transientem Transistor Glamor Traveler on Revenge Triangle Manga Reviews trzr23 ~ Over here, the big bad wolf wins. Tsukiyo no Hikari TsundereStorm Two Happy Cats Typenights Ultimatemegax's blog u monster UNAGI UNDERGROUND Undercover Under the Bridge UnimeTV: Blog & Connect UNMEI KAIHEN Up or Down, Left or Right Vanikawa Toppa Vcld.Net Vintage Anime vissione Visual Novel Aer Vocal Mimi Vocaloidism Volume ONE+ Waffles Waifu Watch Wakaranai Watashi Nomi zo Shiru Sekai Watashi wa bucho!! wat u say WAWAWA 忘れ物 Whai Whai's anime blog What is this "Culture" you speak of? White Butterfly Wolf Hurricane World of Yamaguchi Hoshiko Worm and Triplerod's Anime Club (no 3dpd) WRex's Anime Whirls Wrong Every Time ∑Xce7ion Xebek's Blog Yamaki's Anime Blog Yaranakya Yasashii sekai... Yitza in Motion Yu Alexius Anime Portal Yukan Blog! Yukifuri Dawn *** YumeState Yuriness - Yuri Anime and Shoujo-ai Yuri no Boke Yuri to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito Zetsubou Channel zone otaku Zoopraxiscope ♡ウサギの秘密 ♡ウサギの秘密 お茶! • Ocha! じ――ン ちっぽけな世界なのに。。。 夜風記 望み - What is that you desire? 物の哀れ (Mono no aware) 萌え Alternative 見ないで! ひとり言