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The Visoreds whoop some Gillian behind.It's Kamen Rider!!!Summary:After donning their mask, the Visoreds proceed to tear the helpless Gillians apart. Meanwhile, Shinji decides to take a shot at Aizen.~~~~~~~~~~~~~Shortest summary EVAR!!! Predictably, the Gillians were just cannon fodder for the Visoreds to “demonstrate” their skills, although given how weak Gillians are compared to even current captains and lieutenants the demonstration was kind of pointless. We got a good look at all the Visoreds, and out of them I thought Mashiro's form was kind of cool since she looks like one of those Kamen Riders (old school Japanese superheroes). Her mask actually fits with her costume! Anyways, the real fight will start next chapter. Obviously Shinji is not going to take down Aizen, and I'm banking on the Espada and Wonderweiss/one-eyed monster fighting the Visoreds before Aizen and friends have to draw their swords. Of course Aizen can just pull out his (probably) grossly overpowered bankai and defeat all the good guys, but I doubt that'll happen next week.
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