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Hachigen + Soifon vs. Barrgan.Summary:Barragan breaks out of Hachigen's seal and attacks, and Hachigen is forced to buy some time by putting up a large shield. While hiding behind the shield, Hachigen asks for the help of Soifon's bankai. Soifon is initially reluctant because the Vizards are associated with Urahara who Soifon is still pissed at (for stealing away Yourichi I presume), but she agrees to help after Hachigen promises to seal Urahara away for a month.With the two in agreement, Hachigen proceeds to seal Barragan with multiple spells. Barragan is unimpressed, but Hachigen states that the barrier is there to prevent Barrgan from escaping the explosion of Soifon's bankai. Soifon then fires her bankai missile into the barrier, causing a large explosion.Come on Soifon, if you want to punish Urahara then you should do it yourself.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Lol Barragan got blown up again without doing much. I was thinking that Hachigen would use his special healing ability (which if I remember correctly, actually turns back time like Orihime's ability) to counter Barragan's aging powers, but I guess that would have left Soifon as just a spectator. Looks like Soifon still can't get over the fact that Urahara stole Yourichi from her even in the midst of an important battle. I suppose this means Soifon's love for Yourichi is true and great lol.I'd be a little disappointed if Barragan actually died from this combined attack, since that would prove that the no.2 Espada was just a one-trick pony, albeit the trick is pretty useful. We've also yet to see Hachigen's bankai (if he has one, never seen him using a zanpukto) or him using his mask against Barragan, so Barrgan is probably still alive.
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