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Barragan gets some last words in before dying off for good.Please just die already.Summary:As Barrgan fades into nothingness, he remembers the time when he was the King of Hollow-Land before he was razzled and dazzled by Aizen's zanpukto. After Barragan disappears, Stark gets ready to battle Rose and Love.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Extra-short summary for extra-slow chapter. I can't believe Kubo devoted a whole chapter to Barragan's death. Barragan is just some crony for Aizen; nobody really gives a damn about how he came to be. I guess the Barragan's back story also shows how Aizen took over Hueco Mundo, but it wasn't that interesting since Aizen did what he always does: walk into hostile territory, show everyone his sword and then own everyone. The perfect three step takeover plan. Overall, this was a filler-ish chapter. Hopefully the Stark and Harribel fights will provide a bit more entertainment.
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