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Ichigo vs. Yami.Hmm... I thought Ichigo's jacket was blasted to oblivion by Ulquiorra.Summary:In Hueco Mundo under the big dome, Yami has beaten up Chad and Renji and is tossing Rukia around for fun. Yami gets bored and tries to toss Rukia into ground, but Rukia is saved by Ichigo. Ichigo explains that he has rescued Orihime and darts off to fight Yami, but Rukia is worried about the expression in Ichigo's eyes. Ichigo draws Yami away where Chad and Renji are lying and then smashes Yami to the ground with a Getsuga.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Finally, the Rock story has come back to Hollow-Land! I suppose it's about time that the story checked on our protagonist, but I can't help but feel a wee bit disappointed since things were picking up again in fake Karakura Town. While Ichigo is busy dealing with Yami, Aizen and friends will probably kick the Gotei 13 and Vizards' butts and move on and we'll miss most of that action. This makes that Kensei vs. Wonderweiss fight even more pointless. Oh well. Might as well get a change of scenery.Anyways, back in Hollow-Land, Mr. Espada 0 predictably was able to beat up Rukia, Renji and Chad, but the funny thing is none of the four shinigami captains showed up to intervene. I wonder what those captains and their accompanying lieutenants are doing. Taking a little break and sipping some tea? Or maybe they know that Ichigo will take care of everything, so there's no point intervening. As for Ichigo, he's looking a little tattered and grittier than before, but he's mostly the same especially with striking the cool poses. For some reason he has part of his jacket back, which doesn't make sense since that jacket was gone when Ulquoirra blasted him. As far as we know, Ichigo never exited bankai, so his clothing shouldn't regenerate... right? I guess Kubo thought Ichigo looked cooler with a tattered jacket instead of baring all of his upper body. Hopefully the fight against Yami will be interesting in a "not drag it out for 50 chapter" kind of way. But alas this is Bleach, and the fights with conclusive endings are usually either long and arduous or one panel sudden KOs.
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