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Ichigo boasts about how powerful he is Unohana, while Byakuya gets in on the action against Yammy.Unohana: Wearing half a jacket... you youngsters sure have a strange sense of fashion these days.Ichigo: No, it's not like that. My jacket...Summary:Ichigo and Unohana are running through the Garganta with Ichigo in the lead. Unohana suggests that they trade places since the path Ichigo is creating is a bit spotty. The two trade places and Unohana creates a much cleaner path through the darkness, but Ichigo states that if he were at full strength then he could do that as well. When Unohana gives him a puzzled look, Ichigo explains that in his bankai, his jacket indicates how much reaitsu he has, and right now he has less than half a jacket. This revelation surprises Unohana and further boasters her belief that Ichigo might really be the one who can defeat Aizen. Unohana then suggests that Ichigo go first while she replenish his reaitsu from behind.Back in Hueco Mundo, Kenpachi has knocked Yammy to the ground and tells Byakuya to finish off the arrancar. Like always, Kenpachi and Byakuya starts trading insults, and this allows Yammy to get up and fire a cero at them. Both captains dodge the cero and slash Yammy in the face.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Ichigo, so quick to boast about his powers just like most of the other characters in Bleach. Ichigo is only cementing his position as the one and only savior of the world, and who can blame him? Anyways, the revelation about Ichigo's power isn't all that surprising. He is probably more powerful than most of the captains now, but I'm sure Aizen will find a way to smack him around for a bit. After all, Ichigo has to maintain the reputation of being beaten to a pulp wherever he goes lol. The revelation about the jacket as power indicator does hint that Ichigo's horned semi-hollow form can be even more powerful, although we don't know if the jacket is accurate as an indicator once Ichigo goes into that form.Back to Hollow-Land, looks like Kenpachi and Byakuya are handling Yammy rather easily despite the fact Kenpachi hasn't removed his eye patch and Byakuya hasn't gone bankai. Is Yammy really that disappointingly weak, or does Espada #0 have more tricks?
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