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Aizen pwns a few shinigami and Vizards.Komamura: made to be pwned.Summary:Hitsugaya starts attacking Aizen, and Komamura, Rose and Love also join the fray. From a nearby building, Gin observes that all of the good guys are going to be pwned even if Aizen doesn't use his zanpukto powers. Lo and behold, Aizen slices up Komamura and then slashes Rose while taking no damage whatsoever.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Okay, we get it. Aizen is godly. If Aizen was good enough to take on all the good guys by himself from the start, then what was the point of having the arrancars again? Okay, let's not dwell on the past. So Aizen pwns two good guys, including his favorite target Komamura, but the ever popular Hitsugaya is unscathed for now. I'm not sure what happened to the other Vizards and shinigamis that haven't joined the fight yet. They were supposed to all gang up on Aizen, but maybe some of them changed their minds and decided to sit back and have some popcorn? That's what Gin is doing anyways.Oh well, let's see which of the good guys Aizen will cut through in the next chapter.
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