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Old man Yama serves up some knuckle sandwiches to Wonderweiss.Old man Yama working the bag (known as Wonderweiss).Summary:Aizen continue to boast about Wonderweiss' fire-retardant capabilities, but Yamamoto switches strategies and sends Wonderweiss flying with a punch. Yamamoto then attempts to go after Aizen, but Wonderweiss regenerates and gets in the way. Wonderweiss spews many arms and pummels Yamamoto, but Yamamoto is unfazed and slams Wonderweiss with a double fist.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Can't say I didn't expect this to happen. As the leader of Gotei 13 for so long, Yamamoto is probably not an one trick pony and likely has significant abilities outside of his zanpukto (even if strategic planning is not one of them). Unless Aizen somehow accounted for all the powers that Yamamoto has (possible, but not that likely), I can't see Yamamoto losing to Wonderweiss, so the likely scenario would be Aizen sneaking in for the kill while Yamamoto is distracted. Yamamoto will have a hard time catching Aizen again since he is under the hypnosis already.
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