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Yamamoto falls for Aizen's trap.If you can't tell from the picture, Aizen tricked Yamamoto with a wicked exploding cigar.Summary:Yamamoto's double fist attack blasts Wonderweiss into pieces. Yamamoto thinks the fight is over and turns his attention to Aizen, but Aizen reminds Yamamoto that Wonderweiss was built to contain all the flames from Yamamoto's sword, including the flames that were already released. Yamamoto turns around and notices Wonderweiss' head expanding, ready to explode. The old captain reaches for the head, but it's too late and a big explosion engulfs the surrounding area. After the smoke has cleared, Aizen casually steps into the blast crater, in the centre of which lies a heavily injured Yamamoto. Yamamoto managed to contain the explosion as best he could, but he could not avoid injuring himself. Aizen steps in to finish Yamamoto off, but Yamamoto grabs Aizen's leg and sets off a big explosion with hado spell #96. Aizen manages to escape but he is not unscathed from the explosion, and as Aizen tries to jump out of the smoke he is met by Ichigo wearing his hollow mask.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Decent chapter. As expected, Wonderweiss was no match for Yamamoto's raw power, but Aizen managed to outsmart Yamamoto and bring him down to the ground. Give credit to the old man though, he doesn't die that easily. Aizen should have called Gin in to finish the job with his extensible sword. As Aizen found out the hard way, getting close to Yamamoto while he's still breathing isn't a very good idea. Now that I think of it, this might be the first time in Bleach that Aizen actually got hit by a attack. All the earlier ones by Shinji were probably just illusions. This wasn't a direct hit, but it does look like Aizen got burned a bit by Yamamoto's hado spell. I wouldn't be super-surprised if this turned out to be an illusion as well, but that would just be stupid.I'm not sure if old man Yama is dead or not, but he's in no condition to fight anymore. I thought Ichigo would tag in after all of the shinigami are down (we want to see Unohana fight damnit), but looks like our hero has finally decided to join in. I don't think Ichigo can do much with just the hollow mask, so let's see where this goes.I mentioned Gin in this post, and we are all still wondering what he is doing? I've been hearing people guessing that Gin is the real mastermind, and they do have a point. Most evil leaders let their subordinates fight first before joining the battle, so could that be what Gin is doing?
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