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Ichigo and Isshin battle Aizen and Gin. About time someone gave Aizen the middle finger. Summary: Moments after appearing, Isshin head-butts and kicks Ichigo off of the building in order to build some distance between themselves and Aizen. Down in the streets, Isshin tells Ichigo to keep quiet. Isshin knows that Ichigo must have a lot of questions for him, but surprisingly Ichigo states that he has nothing to ask. Instead, Ichigo is going to leave it up to Isshin to tell everything when he feels like it. Back on top of the building, Aizen tries to locate Isshin and Ichigo, but Isshin has put up a spell to avoid detection. Gin shows up, but he is soon attacked by Ichigo. While Gin is busy handling Ichigo, Aizen is attacked by Isshin, and Isshin sends Aizen flying with the one finger salute. Nearby, Gin decides to go bankai against Ichigo. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lol, Isshin gave Aizen the finger. It was about time someone did that haha. Despite the shinigami uniform, Isshin is still his old self. This was an entertaining chapter because of Isshin's antics and also Gin's reappearance. It seems that Kubo finally remembered that Gin is still in the story. Looks like Gin will get the job of handling Ichigo while Aizen fights Isshin. This might be a ploy to give Ichigo some more time to awaken his powers before he really fights Aizen, but who knows for sure. I doubt the fighting will end in fake Karakura Town. We didn't get any answers about Isshin's past or Ichigo's lineage, but those will be revealed in due time (hopefully). During Ichigo and Isshin's conversation, there were two panels featuring Rukia. I guess these panels lead to the question that if Isshin knew what was going on with Ichigo and Rukia, why didn't he do anything?  Isshin probably didn't want to be detected by Gotei 13, but there are probably other reasons for letting Aizen's plan carry on.
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