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Ichigo battles a new-look Zangetsu. Zangetsu after his Extreme Makeover. The wonders of modern plastic surgery. Summary: Inside Ichigo's mind, Ichigo is having trouble breathing and is then tossed into a building by a hooded figure. The hooded person tells Ichigo to calm down so he can breathe, and Ichigo complies. The figure removes his hood to reveal the face of a young man, and the young man retrieves a sword and attacks Ichigo. Ichigo wonders if the young man is Zangetsu, and the young man states that he is now Tensa Zangetsu because Ichigo came to this world in bankai form. Ichigo asks Tensa Zangetsu to teach him the final Getsuga Tenshou, but Tensa Zangetsu doesn't want to because what he wants to protect isn't the same as what Ichigo wants to protect. Back in Karakura Town, a middle aged guy spots Aizen and Gin but is cut to pieces by Aizen's power. Aizen and Gin then spot Tatsuki carrying Michiru down the street. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The training has begun in Ichigo's mind once again, but to keep things from becoming too stale, Kubo has introduced a younger, more powerful version of Zangetsu for Ichigo to fight. That should keep Ichigo in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber for long enough for Aizen to have some fun in Karakura Town. As to why Tensa Zangetsu doesn't want Ichigo to learn the final Getsuga Tenshou, my guess is that the move is some sort of all out attack that will damage or even destroy the zanpukto, but any other guess is as good as mine. While Ichigo is stuck fighting this side battle, Aizen and Gin have located Tatsuki. It'd be pretty sad and pathetic if Tatsuki just died, so hopefully she and the rest of Ichigo's friends can put up some sort resistance or maybe people from Urahara's shop can show up. Aizen seems to be taking his sweet time these chapters, so I don't know when he'll actually proceed to the next stage of his plan. From the feed of A Product of Wasted Time
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