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This is the first time I ever watch the OP from start to finish and I squeal when I saw this:So I'm not going to skip the OP from now on anymore =3Soi Fon's bankai is so powerful she has to tie herself to the buildings with the ginjotan. The impact from her torpedo sent everyone with much lesser reiatsu (including herself) flying. With that much power it should have scratched Barragan, yes? Who knows. Because they switched the fight to Stark and Shunsui. But at least we know now that Oomaeda is not as useless as he appeared to be. He's a good cushion.The fight between Stark and Shunsui is a snorefest. How many episode has it been? Seriously they could have at least try to make this entertaining but they keep sizing each other out, it turned into a farce. Even when Stark resurrected. I remember being pretty confused when I read the manga about these two bankai/resurrection. Hopefully the anime will makes me less confuse. LOLWhen others split their hollow power, they turned it into a zanpaktou. It was different with Stark. He splits into two different bodies. I guess it fits him. He represent loneliness, doesn't he? So in order to release, he has to absorb Linette. Kinky. Heh.Once again, the revealed of Stark's resurrection kinda has less effect on me, unlike when I first saw it in the manga. Maybe this is why my friend avoided spoilers. I remember laughing about it though since it was the first time I ever saw gun/pistol in Bleach, complete with a cowboy costume. Not to mention that it reminded me of Kidd from Soul Eater what with his pistol can communicate and such. How unoriginal. And I literally did a facepalm when Stark started fingering Linette's butt >_>Stark was trying to force Shunsui to go into bankai. He keeps firing shot after shot of cero from his pistol but Stark remained in his shikai form. Must be very frustrating for Stark. The fight was less boring when Ukitake finally interfered. So I guess his shikai can absorb the enemy's power/cero and used it as an attack. Recycling is good. I approved.Also, interestingly, Shunsui said Hitsugaya might surpassed him in a hundred years or so. That is quite a compliment if you asked me.That's it for this week. The omake was stupid.For my rants on previous episodes, click here.
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