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It was only appropriate that Mashiro has to fight Wonderweiss. They are both retarded. By the way, Mashiro defeated the blob thingy quite easily. Makes me wonder why the shinigami did not try to destroy it in the first place, instead they stood gaping at the monster blob. A little slow, aren't they?Toushiro wants to fight Aizen? Hah, don't make me laugh. I like you chibi but you are better off finishing Harribel. Leaves Aizen for Shinji. I have been waiting for the fight ever since the Vaizard showed up. Don't ruin the moment for me. Thankfully Hiyori will not take that crap from him and elegantly show him his place. Hiyori/Toushiro pairing, anyone? The moment they had together was priceless. LOL only Hiyori can make Toushiro blushes like that XDSo it's true that the Vaizard can only put on their mask for 3 minutes. That was pretty gay. Ichigo who acquired the mask much much later than they did, and was taught on how to use his Vaizard power by the same bunch of guys, can used his mask far longer than they can? What a bunch of bullshit was that?Conveniently, all the fallen captains remained fallen, or pretend that they don't know the Vaizards. What a bunch of ingrates.Hachi was pretty confident, wasn't he? Oh boy... his loser expression was funneh when Barragan so easily destroyed his kidou. Also, what is the use of a wall kido when your enemy can just get around them? oh wait he has more kido tricks up his sleeve. All he needs now is Soi Fon's bankai to permanently defeat Barragan. But to no surprise, she acted like a bitch just because Hachi is associated with Urahara. In order to use her bankai to help defeat her own enemy, Hachi has to make a deal with her to seal Urahara for a month. What a fucking bitch!On the other hand, Hisagi is challenging his old boss. This is going to be an interesting fight if Komamura does not interfere. Oh well, save that for the next episode, I guess.And what the fuck! I know we have a new ED but I didn't see the video last time. I just saw it today and I keep cursing at it. Urgh, fuck! I hate it!The omake was fucking cute though so that ease my anger a bit. Poor Hisagi.For my rants on previous episodes, click here.
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