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Tatsuki, Keigo and company run for their lives against Aizen. Who is this guy again? Summary: Tatsuki, Keigo and Don Kanoji run into an alley way where they left Mizuiro and Chizuru and finds that both have woken up. Mizuiro is strangely calm, but Chizuru is confused and wants an explanation. Suddenly, Tatsuki and Keigo feel Aizen approaching and tells everyone to run, but they find Aizen right in front of them. Mizuiro tries to buy time with a spray-can bomb but it has no effect. The group runs out onto the streets. Keigo decides to stand his ground with the katana he picked up, but the owner of the katana Zennosuke Kurumadani (referred to as Af-san) jumps in to take back his zanpukto. Zennosuke attempts to trap Aizen with his zanpukto's shikai, but it doesn't work either and Zennosuke runs away with Keigo's group. At this time, Gin returns to Aizen's side. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Not too much going on this week. Mizuiro was fun though, "borrowing" stuff from shops, grabbing stun guns and using the improvised spray-can bomb. So the "Afro shinigami" that everyone was talking about is Zennosuke Kurumadani, Rukia's replacement as the guardian of Karakura Town. For some reason I have no memories of this guy whatsoever. Kubo continues to gather the weak but named characters in Karakura Town for Aizen to chase, so we probably shouldn't be surprised if Ichigo's sisters show up sooner or later. Hard to say when we will get to an actual battle though given how Ichigo is still stuck fighting Zangetsu-Hichigo. I wonder when a capable opponent will show up to fight Aizen. Maybe Gin might do something, but that's a long shot at this point. From the feed of A Product of Wasted Time
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