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I forgot to mention in the last few episodes that the day Soi Fon revealed her bankai was the day that I started writing episodic/chapter by chapter review of Bleach. I started at chapter 370. I am surprised that I am still doing it. I guess the Bleachtard in me is more determined than I give her credit for. I am glad that I decided to do this because reading back the reviews made me realized how big of a Bleachtard I really am.I remember fangasming over chapter 371, which is what this episode is all about. Those are the days... ~nyoron...Barragan is not dead even after Soi Fon used her bankai twice. Urgh what a waste of effort. On top of that, she forced a deal with Hachi to lock up Uruhara for a month. How dare she did that when her attack was useless!Thankfully Hachi is not as dumb as he looks. When his arm started to rot, he used it against Barragan and let his own power do the rest of the work. Clever.nice perspectiveThe rest of the episode is about his background story which pissed me off because he gets one when Ulquiorra didn't. Why the fuck is that?His back story was pretty much a snooze-fest. It was how he was the King of Hueco Mundo before Aizen intruded and made him one of his army. Once again I feel like the anime lack the quality of the manga. I didn't fangasm at all. Even when Aizen arrived at Barragan's castle for the first time with his two subordinates in tow. In fact, what happened to the awesome entrance? The animation butchered it, that's what happened...But I guess thanks to the animation, I got to warm up to Aizen. I always have a soft spot for him whenever I saw him with the glasses. He was such a trustful looking fellow. And I guess we got to see how he managed to convince the Arrancar to join him. He used his sword right away, didn't he?for real?!He said his researched will enable hollow to turn into shinigami and vice versa? I must have missed this piece of information when I read the manga. I'm stoke! I'm not gonna lie. It was obvious why. This means that these espada (mainly Grimmjow and Ulquiorra) got a shot to be shinigami and become the good guy! Hehe And it also answered my question back when I wrote the review for the chapter. It was his zanpaktou that killed the hollows, not Gin or Tousen. Hmm, that was impressive.Heh, we all know that the Espada are not really loyal to Aizen. They just cowered because of his power. I don't blame them. They don't really have a choice, do they? Oh well, I guess this time Barragan is dead for sure.The only fangasm moments for me was whenever Gin appeared XDI love the omake btw. I missed seeing those faces =3For my rants on previous episodes, click here.
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