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Rose's face is pricelessThere are some things that you can't feel or in my case easily forgets when it comes to reading manga. I'm just not good with details. Watching the anime kinda reminds me of what I've been missing/forgetting. It is definitely one of the perks to continue watch this shitty anime. For example, I totally forget/miss the moment of Rose showing off his 'artful' side. That was fun to watch.It was especially fun when Lillnette decided to take matters into her own hands. To see her giving both Stark and Love a hard time was entertaining. The Stark then was a bit different then before. Less nonchalant.I remember not liking the translated version of Tengumaru which is metal cudgel flinger. I was waiting to see if I ever see that in the sub but thankfully they decided to stick with the Japanese name for Love's zanpaktou release.Like I said, I am not good with details. I was surprised when Love's shikai fired mothafucking fire. lol, it feels ridiculous to be surprised with such facts even though I read the manga. XDNow Stark will fight them both seriously and out came the wolves!!If I get this right, did Lillnette turned into those wolves? Whoa... she must be pretty bad ass in... never mind. It was awesome to see what the wolves can do and how helpless Love and Rose seem like because in the manga they were pretty high on their horses.Back to Hiyori, Lisa, Toushiro and Harribel's fight, I am glad that I have purchased Hiyori. It was such a good timing with her fighting and all. Whenever I see her, it just made my decision even more wiser. Actually I am just trying to comfort myself since I'm dead broke right now. Her arguing with Toushiro was easily the highlight of the episode for me.Why was she calling Toushiro baldy anyway? Toushiro is far from that as far as his silver lock is concern. Anyone?I was about to say that this chapter was so-so even with Stark's wolves but then all of a sudden, Stark get stabbed from the back?! I was like... Who the fucking fuck was that?! So yeah, this chapter is kinda awesome.Also, when I read this part of the episode in the manga, all I did was rant ^__^"For my rants on previous episodes, click here.
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