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Aizen comes back... just like always. Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. Summary: After blowing a hole in Aizen's chest, Gin reaches inside and grabs the Hougyoku just before Aizen tosses him away. Gin quickly retreats into the alleys as Aizen screams at him and then blows up. Gin thinks he has defeated Aizen, but suddenly a column of light appears and Aizen emerges in a new form. Aizen states that the Hougyoku is already a part of him and cannot be removed so easily, and he then quickly appears before Gin and cuts down his traitorous subordinate. All of this is interspersed with flashbacks of Gin's past where a young remembers Aizen giving and taking some object from a trio of lower-ranked shinigamis. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ...and Bleach continues deeper down the hole. We all knew what would happen in this chapter, but still this is no less ridiculous, and Aizen morphing into a butterfly form makes things even worse. I suppose Aizen's new form in line with the condom-mask/cocoon form that he was in a few chapters ago, but at this stage of the game the contexts of Aizen's transformation don't matter anymore. Instead, it's now impossible not to make fun of Mr. Butterfly. Lol at Kubo and his obsession with transformations. Back to the plot, I hope Gin survives, but he really doesn't stand much of a chance against Aizen's invincibility hax. There goes another wasted character if Gin happens to bite the dust. At least Gin should stay alive long enough to explain what was going in during the flashbacks. The flashbacks were kind of interesting but confusing at the same time because it wasn't obvious what Aizen was doing with the other shinigamis. Aizen couldn't be handing out the Hougkyou, an there was no explanation. The flashbacks also doesn't really explain exactly why Gin wanted Aizen dead. I don't know if the series will ever provide the answers. I'm not counting on it. From the feed of A Product of Wasted Time
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