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Gin's past!! *fangasm*Looks like Gin had known Aizen even before Aizen knew about him. It could be that this instance of his past might have influenced him to be who he is now. He had planned out his future that very moment, thus the cold blooded killing of his fukutaicho and comrades and his cunning persona, all so that he can get closer to Aizen (lol sounds like a twisted romantic love story), or specifically to be closer with the Hogyouku.I wish we get to see more of Gin past before the switched back to the present. I flinched when I saw Gin seemingly successful in eliminating Aizen.LOL at the Loreal!HairEven though I know that Aizen might not yet revealed his bankai until he fights with Ichigo, I still can't help but feel apprehension of what to come. Aizen must have something up his sleeves.Who to say that this whole thing wasn't just an illusion created by Aizen? That he already used Kyouka Suigetsu's power when Gin was "finishing" Matsumoto?Oh crap! I have never seen him so pissed off =\But yeah, Gin seemingly successful of obtaining the Hogyouku which explained why Aizen was in so much rage. I said seemingly because I honestly believe that this whole shit is just an illusion. There is no way Aizen would be done like that. Oh fuck, I'm so afraid for Gin right now =\A freaking mothafucking butterfly?! *facepalm* *sigh* all of his effort was wasted. Fucking Kubo decided that the Hogyouku will forever be Aizen's even if it is not inside of him. I'm sweating like a pig. What have you done, Gin? Couldn't you figured out that much. Why couldn't you wait a little longer until Ichigo comes? Why? *cries*What I wasn't expecting though was that he's doing all of these because of Matsumoto. Holy fucking crap! Where did that comes from?! This really is a twisted romantic love story! Holy fuck...I'm speechless.For my rants on previous chapters, click here.
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