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Finally, the end of the arc… or at least the second to the last episode. I didn’t particularly like some things in terms of the graphics such as the ball of water where Lucy and his buddies are. I mean, the ball of water didn’t seem much like water anymore with that “sturdy” look. Whether it was intentional or not, it would be better to make it look watery, regardless of whether it had to look sturdy. So far, Fairy Tail has nice animation on their even though it’s a standard type. While I look back and imagined, the fights weren’t really that impressive, but there were still exceptions such as when Natsu was crushing the throat of Sieglain/Gerard while pushing him down, destroying the towers. The arc was too typical though, and there isn’t much to say. Well, there isn't anything to be surprised here but I guess I'm going to continue watching Fairy Tail until it bores me, and I might switch to a big unwatched shounen anime, Bleach. So far, Naruto is the only show that's making me thinking of dropping (so as with the ecchi shows——still can't feel the 'love') after that crappy animation with Pain. Overall, the episode was ★ (good) for making me look back how look at Fairy Tail is even when it gets with a serious look.
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