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After Aizen pretty much ended her life in last episode, it was a given that this week's episode would be about her past life as a hollow. After all, all the arrancar deserved a backstory except for Ulquiorra! Kubo the fucking dick...Anyway, I don't think we get to see the backstory for Mila Rose, Apache and Sun-Sun in the manga. So the production team made one up. It wasn't half bad but it just prolong this already boring episode.The only interesting thing that we found out is that Aizen approached Hallibel only after he has fled the Soul Society. So as Hallibel was fighting to survive, at the same time, Neliel and Nnoitora have already playing kinky with each other. Or it could be that Aizen looked for her because Neliel was already "killed" by Nnoitora.Now that we have seen the last of the espada, Aizen is going to start fighting the war himself. Heh, him calling the Vaizard mock arrancar was pretty funny.I love the moment at the end though. It is so like in the manga.The omake makes me miss Ichigo T_TFor my rants on previous episodes, click here.
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