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  Well, the conversation between Mystogan and Pantherlily continues from last chapter with both trying to figure how to calm the mass panic Edoras is going through.  Both refuse to kill one another to become the “hero” as one of them will have to face the burden of taking the other’s life.  Then a soldier comes inside to alert the two that there are rebels outside destroying the Capital.  Those rebels turn out to be Natsu, Gazille, and Wendy.  Natsu calls himself Great Demon-Lord Dragneel and claims that he’s the one responsible for stealing the magic from Edoras and reveals King Faust tied to a stake.  Mystogan tells them to stop only to have Natsu taunt him into defeating him or let him destroy the Capital and reveals that Mystogan is actually the Prince of Edoras to everyone.  Apparently, one of the Exceed overheard Mystogan and Pantherlily’s conversation and told Natsu who then came up with some sort of plan to fix everything.   My Thoughts: I predict that there will be some dramatic battle between Natsu and Mystogan only to get screwed up in some hilarious way at the end where it’s revealed that Mystogan was the one who took all the magic.  Then, somehow, Mystogan will decide to restore all the magic and become the new King.  It’ll suck if Mystogan has to leave Fairy Tail since he’s one of their S-rank mages.  Permalink | Leave a comment  »
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