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Well, it wasn't fun looking at the flashback from last chapter. What a waste of fucking screen time >_>oh snap hell fucking yes!one of the most abused panel in Bleach. So fucking approved!I'm an obvious IchiRuki shipper so this episode is immediately alright in my book. The second reunion they had in Hueco Mundo. Their meetings are always so grand. Unlike when Inoue getting face pummel as a greeting. LOL that was awesome.And wasn't it sweet of her to still remember about the whore despite her own safety situation? The whore can learn a thing or two with her. Oh wait, she already did in Soul Society but it didn't do any good because her brain is the size of a peanut.And I've said the same thing when I read the manga but dammit, how can I not squeal with delight when Rukia has no problem detecting such changes from Ichigo with just a few exchanged words and a glimpse from Ichigo. It's like she knew him inside and out. Not to mention how observant she is with Ichigo's mask.Okay lets go back to Yammy versus Ichigo. Ichigo was all cocky as shit as well as humane during the fight. So obviously he lets his guard down. He didn't expect not to be able to use the mask at his will. Funny isn't it how he has taken his hollow power for granted.Thank goodness the taichos arrived just in time to save his ass. Byakuya used the same hadou against Yammy as Rukia did but this time the result was totally different. I guess that's how you differentiate your power against a taicho. So now it's Yammy versus Kenpachi.Mayuri is one of my favorite taicho of the Gotei 13. He always made me laugh whenever he got screen time. So I'm glad that he has return. Nemu lifting up or pushing something incredibly big and heavy all the time in the background were funneh. I couldn't help but chuckled when Unohana appeared to volunteer to go to the living world with Ichigo. Her words taunted Mayuri so and there was nothing that he can do about it. In my head, I keep seeing a doujin of tentacle rape that Mayuri did to Unohana.Oh man I am so liking this episode. Besides the IchiRuki moments, there are lots of Ichigo with different expression through out the episode. I'm so happy I can't believe how chipper I am right now ^_^ And I am actually looking forward to see the filler for next chapter. Those outfit are from 2005 WJ 21/22 double issue poster. Rukia will be in it so I have no complain. I missed her.For my rants on previous episodes, click here.
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