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New-look Ichigo and Aizen tussle for a bit. Blocked ya with my coolness. Summary: Despite being shoved in the face for a few miles, Aizen is unfazed. Aizen believes Ichigo has traded his reiatsu for physical power, but Aizen still believes he is more powerful than Ichigo. The two clash swords for a bit until Ichigo blocks Aizen's strike with his bare hand. Aizen is surprised but continues to attack with a Black Coffin kido spell. Ichigo easily fights through the spell and slices Aizen in the chest. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Not too much to talk about this week. Ichigo has the advantage at this point of time, but the battle is still in its early stages and the combatants are just scoping each other out. Chances are Aizen will come back like he always does, although he seems to be rambling more and more as he transforms. We still don't know a thing about Ichigo or Aizen's new powers, and it could be a while depending on how Kubo wants to play this out. This could be long fight or a short fight, but it's probably not the last fight. Hopefully Bleach will give us a little bit more next week. From the feed of A Product of Wasted Time
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