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Hayate enjoys the world in a cleaning company at the age of 8 with a few lies about, of course, his age. Amazingly, it’s believable… Gave me the creeps... Second Impression: I was wondering a lot how this show will go especially after the small misunderstanding that seems to be starting to go BIG. Well, Hayate tried to “take away” Nagi but it seems like Nagi thinks that he is confessing to her his love while Hayate was actually trying to kidnap Nagi. Goosebumps... Eek. But forget about that, we have a fan service… err, fan service? So, Hayate wakes up with the dream of being in heaven (after that dying event). While he’s actually in the mansion of Nagi, he goes around the mansion and take a bath, thinking that he’s still in heaven. Amazingly, Maria is also there, taking a hot bath with the tough bodied-Hayate… and there, my imagination went mad. (I wonder what my mad imagination was all about when it’s only Hayate and Maria alone… in the bath.) This girl appears out of nowhere. She should... Blargh it all! This girl suddenly appears and tries to end the episode. Now, now, I’m really having lots of thoughts in the potential of this ‘big’ anime that’s really been exciting me up! Ooooooooooooooo~ The first half really had a nice buildup for the misunderstanding of the confession-kidnapping incident, but what makes the episode better is the second half. It looks like more misunderstandings are really great. Let’s see… The masked Nagi, the butler Hayate, and the… err, fan service-maid Maria, all because of a picture diary—manga. "Don't they look cute together?" And I was like, eww? There’s really nothing much to say about this episode except for the fact, as mentioned, how this episode goes to a really different level just because of one small misunderstanding.
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