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Mask the Money is my favorite hero… Supposedly Eerie Look Second Impression: One thing I like about Hayate no Gotoku! is that its animation gives a feel to the story. The animation “feels” a little bit different from the other shows, so I’ll just go on ahead to watch the show. I’ll just see if I have some feel to drop this show. Goooooo~oooooore! Well, anyway, how they censor the blood, and all that is told to be different from censoring Hayate’s body that’s been hit with spears? Well, OK, sure, putting it seriously, it really isn’t funny at all but when I think about the reaction of Hayate, it relieves me from this OCD-like feeling. i lab j00 - Pewk. Also, this Tama character (the tiger) really gives me a weird feeling ever since the first time I saw this episode. It’s probably because of the fact that he can talk (and only Hayate supposedly knows). I know that it’s for lol-reasons but I can’t seem to drop the fact that it’s bothering me a lot negatively. Armed Nurse Robot - Missile Pew Pew, No-no … At least the nurse robot gives me a nice feel to it with the human-like mind. Fan Service? I lol'd hard. Overall, it’s a ★ nice episode and it’d be better if you could watch it yourself!
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