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The Final Getsuga Tenshou. Two can play the transformation game. Summary: Ichigo unleashes the Final Getsuga Tenshou. Flash back to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber training: Ichigo eventually figures out that he isn't supposed to run away from Tensa Zangetsu and gets stabbed, but it doesn't hurt since Zangetsu is a part of Ichigo. Zangetsu starts crying and states that he had wanted to protect Ichigo and thus didn't want Ichigo to learn the Final Getsuga Tenshou, but Ichigo will have access to the technique anyways. Back to the present, Ichigo transforms into a form with long dark hair and bandages covering most of his upper body up to the mouth. Ichigo explains the "Final" Getsuga Tenshou means that he actually becomes Getsuga and thus loses all his shinigami powers. Aizen can't believe Ichigo powered up again and starts whining, and Ichigo unleashes the "Mugetsu" attack which covers the battlefield in a mountain of darkness. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ichigo one-ups Aizen with another power-up transformation! Bleach is a transformation power-up manga, and as such this is what we get, but I'm glad that the Final Getsuga Tenshou at least came with a transformation instead of being just a finishing move. With the rate Ichigo and (especially) Aizen are transforming these days, readers who skipped a few chapters will probably have no idea who's who anymore. Unless this is the final fight of the manga (highly doubtful), then I doubt Ichigo's new form will be his "final" one, but I wonder what it'd mean if Ichigo loses his shinigami powers for good. Anyways, this fight can be nearly over or far from over. We'll just have to see if Aizen will one-up Ichigo again with another transformation. From the feed of A Product of Wasted Time
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