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Aizen gets hit with the Final Getsuga Tenshou and... Urahara: Haha just as planned, baby! How'd you like a taste of your own medicine, Aizen? Summary: Ichigo unleashes the Final Getsuga Tenshou and the dark energy swallow up Aizen. After the dramatic explosion, Ichigo begins to return to his normal form and is losing his shinigami powers. Meanwhile, Aizen has been blasted back several transformations, but he starts to regenerate. Aizen gets up and taunts the weakened Ichigo and boasts about how he'll evolve again, but suddenly spikes start shooting out from within his body. Urahara shows up to explain that he planted a kido seal inside of Aizen earlier and this kido spell is designed to seal Aizen after he fused with the Hougyoku. Aizen doesn't think much of the seal, but he soon realizes he is losing his power and the seal is taking hold. Urahara explains that the seal is designed to activate when Aizen loses his powers, and this means that the Hougyoku no longer thinks Aizen is its master. Realizing he had lost, Aizen barks at Urahara about not doing anything about the Soul King, but Urahara doesn't care and Aizen is consumed by the seal. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hmmm... that's certainly a surprise conclusion to the battle. Aizen appears to be actually defeated... the formerly untouchable, "haha, you think you got me but you didn't" evil mastermind has finally been silenced. What a shocker. And this isn't even the end of the series right? The thing is Aizen has been sealed but not killed, so I suppose he might escape somewhere down the line. I don't want to see him escaping next chapter though (or for the next little while for that matter), because that would be absolutely stupid. Can you imagine if he came out and said "It has been my plan all along to be sealed" or something along those lines? If Aizen was actually sealed up in this chapter, then that means the series may be in need of a new villain. The last exchange of words between Aizen and Urahara seems to be pointing at the Soul King's direction, so looks like we are still going to learn who or what the Soul King is despite Aizen's plan getting knocked off track. In addition, Kubo can always write 50 chapters on how Ichigo is going to get his shinigami powers back. Despite what happened this week, Bleach may still have a long, long way to go. From the feed of A Product of Wasted Time
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