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Bleach color spread of Ichigo. Needless to say, I wet my pantsu ^_^I don't get how some people saw Kaien in him. Sure he got his hair dyed black but he is still Ichigo. I cannot see anything that resembles Kaien at all. Or is it because I am not a Kaien's fan to begin with?But lets move on. Ichigo at the moment has no shinigami power whatsoever because that what it means when you used the Final!Getsuga Tenshou technique. After he used Mugetsu on Spawn!Aizen, the mask that covered half of his face crumbles.I couldn't even sympathized for Aizen. He pretty much get PWNed by Ichigo. That Spawn-ish transformation? Doesn't mean a fucking shit. No more butterflies either. How fucking pathetic. But not more pathetic than Ichigo who suddenly turned back to his old orange top and pretty much no longer a bad ass. If only he has talked less and fucking finish the job earlier. Now Aizen who is regenerating will have the upper hand and return the favor of whooping Ichigo's ass. But first, he has to give his speech! *facepalm*Why so surprised. You knew it was coming >_>I am fucking disappointed. I was hoping to see more intense battle between Ichigo and Spawn!Aizen. That would mean that Ichigo will be in his Final!GT form a tad longer and a black haired Ichigo just made me... *faps*Unfortunately Kubo has other ideas. As Aizen readied himself to finish Ichigo (who by the way is becoming one with his zanpaktou as well), he was ambushed from behind with a kidou. You won't believe who came to Ichigo's rescue. I absolutely didn't see this one coming at all. It was Urahara. I hope this means more captains and shinigami has returned to Soul Society as well.Anyhoo, Aizen has got his theory screwed up. Heh, no surprise there. He is pretty much a loose screw himself at the moment. Urahara did his research. Knowing that Aizen will fuse with the Hogyouku, he has developed a kidou to seal Aizen. He "installed" it in chapter 402 I assumed. Upon hearing this Aizen pretty much put his cock out and dismissed the threat just because he thinks he has fused with his zanpaktou and has transcend even Ichigo's level of greatness. The truth is, his own power has weakened and the Hogyouku no longer sees him fit to be it's master. This is the case of a dog biting the hand that feeds him.I got this sinking feeling that this is the end for Aizen. But before he is gone for good, he is kind enough to have a conversation with Urahara about the future of the world. Apparently both he and Urahara has saw the "Spirit King" of Soul Society whom Aizen wanted to destroy in the first place but got side track because he went gay for Ichigo.The end of the chapter saw Aizen being sealed by the kidou. Err... is that it?Fuck I really hope not.This feels like an anti-climax x_xIf this is the end for Aizen, then Kubo pretty much fucked us all. Ichigo weren't the one who finished him off. Sure he helped but our theory of Urahara as the only shinigami (who is on Aizen's level of genius) who is truly on par with Aizen is spot on. This kinda made me feels good actually.But no. I am not ready for Bleach to end!For my rants on previous chapters, click here.
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