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I kinda look forward to see this episode but at the same time, kinda dread it too. You'll see why if you keep reading this shit and watch this shitty episode.Tousen is shit. I'm just saying XDI mean... I freaking lol'd when he said he has surpassed both the espada and the shinigami. Who is he kidding? I doubt he is any stronger than Ulquiorra. If he fought with Ichigo, he would be done for in less than 4 frames. I never take Tousen seriously. Anyone who did is a freaking loser. He joined the Gotei 13 to avenge the death of his girlfriend who wanted to marry someone else. How fucking cliche was that and how much a loser was he? The only reason Aizen put up with him is because he's dumb and blind. Aizen must have felt sorry for him at some point and then got stuck with him. I have always said that his sense of justice is fucked up. He just proved my point with all the flashbacks and speeches.Komamura on the other hand is not too bright either. Everyone knows that when you're big you might be strong but your movement will become sluggish. To fight a shinigami with espada power with the like of his bankai is pretty stupid in my opinion especially when your enemy has the ability to regenerate instantly.And finally the moment I have been waiting for arrived. Tousen completely degrading himself and become a giant fucking fly. LMAO oh man, sometimes you gotta love Kubo. He presented me with an opportunity to fucking gloat.and fucking gloat I did at this fucking ugly and stupid creature. I couldn't stop laughing my ass off XDThis episode also showed the fight between Aizen and Shinji. I wish they talked less and fucking fight each other already. What's the use of speech when you can create masterpiece with your sword. Maybe I am feeling this way because I know how it will turned out but seriously we can do with the "I can kick your ass. Yes I really can! But not really" shit. And you are not supposed to reveal your ace before the fight even started. Jeebus Shinji...For my rants on previous episodes, click here.
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