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I have been jittery all day yesterday waiting for update on mangastream but they only released it when I went to bed last night. That's cruel. But yeah, I set my alarm early so I can catch up before I go to the office. Lets get on with the chapter.Whoa wait a fucking minute... So it is true that Aizen was defeated? *is lost for words...*Now the manga has shifted to everything that is going on with other shinigami and ryouka.1. Mayuri is seemingly back at the Karakura Town. I couldn't tell whether it was the fake!KT or the real one. But he is in the process of activating the world shifting binding posts. Whatever that is. Mayuri does not really concern about the well being of other shinigami that might be affected by the shifting. Heh, that is so him.2. Hiyori is not dead. At least not yet. But she is still in critical condition. Unohana has done her job so now it is up to her to survive.3. Byakuya and Kenpachi have also arrived at the scene. When asked, Kenpachi describe their fight with Yammy was boring as fuck. When they show what happened to Yammy, he was pretty much done for though still not dead. Just why the fuck didn't they kill him? More importantly why the fuck didn't Mayuri take him in for experiment?4. Didn't they say that Ichigo has lost his shinigami power? Then why is he still has shikakusho on? Also why is he all chirpy about it? Glad to report that his hair remains as it is though. He just look so much better with it.5. Urahara told Ichigo that the seal that sealed Aizen has transported him back to Seiretei and he will be dealt with accordingly by the Central 46. Central 46? Weren't they all fucking dead already?6. Ichigo is not convinced that Aizen was really rejected by the hougyoku. He thinks Aizen who wished that he lost his power and the hougyoku just materialized it. He made up some logic shit about Aizen which might be true but after all he has done, would it matter?7. The whore lives. Wait, she wasn't in any real danger to begin with accept when Ichigo sent her away face first into the concrete. Anyway, she's back with the rest of them: Renji, Ishida, Chad and of course Rukia. Just as I expected, Kubo will have two different ways of showing us how Ichigo was greeted by Rukia and the whore.8. Ichigo might be dead soon. That's how the chapter ends. Heh, joking. If Hiyori survived after she was cut in two, then there is no real danger for Ichigo. It was only logic that he suffered from internal injuries or something after all the fights. He never really get the chance to really recuperate after the HM arc started, right?9. Bleach is far from over. There's the linchpin spoiler that Urahara told us in the last chapter. But before that we will see Ichigo getting his shinigami powers back and hopefully some explanation about his birth/mom.10. With Yammy not being dead and all, I expect to see Grimmjow and Ulquiorra soon. Also Gin.For my rants on previous chapters, click here.
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