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Just... Holy motherfucking of hell O_OAizen being executed by the Central 46!Hah, I feel sorry for those who adamantly thinks that we have seen the last of Aizen when he was sealed. I know he's going to be back but ain't this kinda just too soon? Ichigo and the other good guys haven't finish celebrating yet. The damages in Karakura Town is still there.Also, just what the fucking fuck were they thinking. I lol'd when Aizen, even in his state, was merely sitting there and mocked the people in that chamber. I mean, he already killed them once. Besies, he is now immortal so sentencing him in the prison for 20,000 years is too light of a punishment in my opinion. I hope at least they get rid of his zanpaktou.Oh fuck bad news. The old fuck Yamaji is alive. Fucking shit! How? Gah! And he's being an asshole to Kenpachi, Byakuya and Shunsui because they lost their captain's haori. Seriously, old fuck? They were risking their lives to save Soul Society and you worried about the haori?! Jeebus...But I can't deny the humor in it especially when Byakuya out of all people talk back to the old fuck. *chuckles* I love Byakuya. He said the darnedest things sometimes.Apparently the old fuck did lost an arm. I wished he was dead. I don't care if Soul Society don't have anyone else capable of replacing him because I think that bulls. All the existing captains at the moment I think has the ability to replace him, and will do an even better job at it.At the other part of Soul Society, everyone else is busy doing stuff on their own. Mayuri has gone back to Hueco Mundo for research material. Momo lives and in the care of the 4th Squad at the moment. Toushiro is busy training with his bankai because he knows at the rate he is now, he's pretty much useless and won't be able to protect Momo. Akon for some reason has become the 12th Division Vice Captain. Wait.. WHAT? When did that happen? Where's Nemu?But I didn't expect to read about Gin being dead. I cried. For fuck sake, I have to hid in the office toilet and cried my eyes out.I can't believe that he's truly gone T_TThe wake of Ichigo does nothing to elevate my mood. Not even when Rukia out of all people explain calmly to Ichigo what happened, that he has lost all his shinigami power for good. Then she said her farewell. I mean how can Ichigo be so fucking calm about it. Just what the fucking fuck?Today turned out to be the saddest day in my life. I couldn't stop the tears from flowing. I know Ichigo is not dead, but the fact that he can never see Rukia again just break my damn heart. It has been 10 years. It feels like I have lost my a dear friend. I don't really like this feeling in my guts. Not at all =(Aight I'm gonna stop here. Even if I want to write more, I just can't.For my rants on previous chapters, click here.
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