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Ichigo has fun at school. Orihime is surprisingly athletic. Summary: Ichigo wakes up from a strange dream in the morning quickly forgets about it. At school, Ichigo negotiates with various clubs to play for the club for a fee. Keigo and Mizurio watch Ichigo negotiate with the club and Keigo explains to Michiru that Ichigo is probably saving up money to move out on his own after graduating from high school. Ichigo eventually agrees to play for the soccer club, and before soccer practice starts Ichigo has a chat with Tatsuki and Orihime, and Tatsuki reminds Ichigo that he has a part-time job. Ichigo calls his employer (a certain "Jack of all trades" shop) who is initially pissed that Ichigo is skipping work (again) but is a bit desperate to keep Ichigo on board. After hanging up the call, Ichigo notices a gang of delinquents have showed up at the school gates and the leader calls for Ichigo. It turns out that the thief that Ichigo beat up was a member of the gang, and the gang is looking for some retribution from Ichigo. Instead of getting Ichigo, the gang is confronted by Ishida who starts beating up the delinquents. Ichigo runs in to help with the situation, while someone else is approaching from outside the school. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A chapter mostly about Ichigo's life as a high school senior. Other than the dream in the beginning, this chapter was mostly about Ichigo hanging out with friends, trying to find income, and getting into a bit of trouble. The series probably needs a couple more chapters to get the new arc going and slowly work its way back to shinigami-related things, so for now a bit of high school life stuff isn't bad. Tatsuki and Orihime are looking very well, and Ishida isn't looking bad either. The best bit in the chapter though was that it sounded like Ichigo might be working at Urahara's shop (what other Jack of all trades shop is in Bleach?). If that actually is the case, then I wonder why Urahara (or whoever else was on the phone) is so desperate to keep Ichigo employed. Maybe because Ichigo saved the world from Aizen lol? From the feed of A Product of Wasted Time
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