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Ichigo begins his training to regain his shinigami powers. Just because it sounds ridiculous doesn't mean it won't be effective. Summary: At the Kurosaki home, Yuzu and Karin are worried about Ichigo's recent weird behavior and not being home at night. Ichigo returns home and the two sisters immediately rush to talk to their brother, but Ichigo just tells them to go to sleep and the sisters are happy with that. Some time later, Ichigo joins Ginjou and gang at their apartment to begin training. Riruka shows up late with a dollhouse in her hands and she is immediately teased by fellow group member Yukio. Riruka quickly gets angry and has to restrained by Jackie, another member of Xcution. After calming down, Riruka explains to Ichigo that the dollhouse is Ichigo's first training ground and she has the power to insert Ichigo into the dollhouse. Using her Fullbring, Riruka gives Ichigo a heart-shaped "pass", and Ichigo is shrunk and sucked into the dollhouse. Ichigo gets up and finds himself facing a giant stuffed animal, and Riruka explains that the goal is to defeat the stuffed animal. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ And so the training chapters begin, and Ichigo's first task is defeat a giant stuffed animal. The stuffed animal does look a bit dangerous, but it's still hard to take the task seriously given that it is a giant stuffed animal. I suppose in the process of trying to reboot itself, Bleach is trying some new things, so we probably should give this a fair chance. I wonder how Ichigo is supposed to use Fullbring? Training chapters are fine, but hopefully the series will remember its other ongoing threads such as who attacked Uryuu. We did see Yuzu and Karin this week, but it was mostly to show that the sisters are still in the series. I wanted to see if there's any development about Karin's dealings with Urahara, but it didn't happen. From the feed of A Product of Wasted Time
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