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Finally, a fucking update!It has been a while since we had an chapter page like this. We had a lot of it during the earlier chapters, right?And it looks like Don Kanoji is still doing the stupid shows after all these years. Jeebus, people in Japan must have been lacking in entertainment business if they are tolerating with Don Kanoji's shit.Anyway, Karin is acting suspicious. She can't wait for Yuzu to go to bed. My first thought was this: Karen wants to meet with Urahara afterward and wouldn't want Yuzu to find out. It couldn't go farther than the truth because they are both still up because they are waiting for Ichigo to come home. Apparently he didn't come home for two days.Sometimes I want Ichigo to be my brother so we could have incestship ^_^Ichigo has comfortably makes friends with the Xcutioners. He's definitely at their hide out often and in this chapter, we gotta learn Rurika's power. Since Ichigo needs to train, she brought a doll house over to their HQ. Her full bring is just that: Doll House. She can freely insert/remove object/people from anything that she redeems cute. This obviously sounds like a lot of bullshit, as expected from Kubo. The flu must have infected his brain -__-So Ichigo first training with the Xcutioners is to fight all the stuff toys inside the doll house. Creepy. But this would be interesting nonetheless. He's going to use his strength but how long can he keeps up?So from now on, I assumed Kubo is going to introduce the different full bring of each member in every chapter. I want to know what Yukio's full bring is. He intrigues me.In hindsight, I get why the chapter is titled Berry in the Box now. How cliche.For my rants on previous chapters, click here.
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