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Ichigo uses his Fullbring against Mr. Pork Chop. I wonder what they'll call this attack... Spinning Jet Black Rim of Glory? Summary: Ichigo activates his Fullbring, and black reiatsu extends out from his representative shinigami badge in the shape of Zangetsu's flange. While Ginjou explains that Ichigo's badge somehow remembered some of Ichigo's powers, Ichigo tries to figure out how to use his Fullbring. Ichigo tries to use his Fullbring a ninja star and tries to slash Mr. Pork Chop with the edges of flange but neither methods work. Mr. Pork Chop takes a swing at Ichigo, and Ichigo blocks the blow with the badge. Ichigo then gets a feeling that his Fullbring is similar to the Getsuga, and so he runs close to Mr. Pork Chop and launches a spinning black round symbol. The symbol hits Mr. Pork Chop in the eye and Mr. Pork Chop is knocked out, and thus Ichigo has passed the first training session. Meanwhile, Orihime visits Chad's apartment again as she hasn't seen Chad or Ichigo in the past few days. Orihime is then approached by a guy named Shi Shigawara who reveals that he is here to kill Orihime. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ichigo's Fullbring was... not as "cool" as I thought it would be. I guess Bleach is intent for Ichigo to start back at square one and a transformation is probably too much to ask for, but a flat spinning stamp thing hitting Mr. Pork Chop with a thud was still a bit underwhelming. Where is the blood... or in this case stuffed animal innards? The chances of Ichigo's Fullbring having special abilities is probably low given how Zangetsu was all about straight offense, but I'm sure Ichigo will become more powerful with time. I'm glad the first training session is over, and hopefully any subsequent sessions will be a bit more entertaining. The more interesting part of the chapter is the end where Orihime is about to be attacked. Let's see if we'll find out more about the people that took out Uryuu and whether or not they are connected with Ginjou and Xcution. From the feed of A Product of Wasted Time
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