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Ichigo passes the training, while Orihime deals with her attacker. Orihime's new attack? Summary: Mr. Pork Chop is knocked out by Ichigo's attack and reverts to his normal form, and so Riruka sneezes on the dollhouse and the stuffed animal to release Ichigo and the fat yakuza guy. While Ichigo is wiping off Riruka's spit and snot, he notices that the reiatsu from his representative badge automatically retracts. Ichigo then hears a voice from the badge which he believes to be Rukia's. Meanwhile, Ginjou is looking at Ichigo with a calculating look. Meanwhile in front of Chad's apartment, Shishigawara is about to attack Orihime but is stopped in his tracks after noticing that Orihime is hot. Shishigawara eventually gets back on track and mentions that he took out Uryuu, and this gets Orihime into serious mode. Orihime starts questioning Shishigawara about his group and motives, but suddenly Tsuchishima, the guy who actually took out Uryuu, appears behind Orihime. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Most of the chapter was taken up by two attempts at humor (Riruka sneezing on Ichigo; Shishigawara stopped by Orihime's hotness) which were merely okay, but there were some interesting developments in this chapter. It sounds like Rukia might be getting back into the picture in the not too distant future as Ichigo can hear her talk through the badge, and Ginjou is looking rather suspicious again. While the other members of Xcution might not be bad guys, Ginjou is definitely hiding something. On the other front, the guy sent out to take out Orihime was a total failure, but fortunately the guy who actually injured Uryuu showed up at the end. Things aren't looking good for Orihime. I wonder if something really bad will happen to Orihime, or will Bleach pull back and have someone come and save her? Let's see if we'll get an answer next week. From the feed of A Product of Wasted Time
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