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Since Ichigo has defeated Evil Mr Porkchop in the last chapter, by right Riruka will have to return him back to normal. Her method to do so however is not the most hygienic. Ichigo was covered with her snot and saliva because she has to sneeze to cancel out her fullbring. Whatever right? That's not funny Kubo -__-Once he's done with the swastika, the shinigami badge returned to it's original form as well but before it did, looks like it can communicate with Ichigo too. The weird thing is, the voice belongs to Rukia and of course Ichigo recognized her voice anywhere and at any given time. Hmm, this should be very interesting, don't you think? I have been waiting patiently for her to return and make her appearance again and my patience is running thin to be honest, what with the bullshit Kubo threw at us lately.Ginjou obviously knows what is going on but he decided to play the cunning son of a bitch character which is intriguing. I don't want to know everything in one chapter anyway.Now lets get back to Inoue. She was about to get raped and killed by some ugly thug. I wasn't really looking forward to this because I know she's going to escape and survive somehow and quite possibly get some character development while she's doing it which is not fair in my opinion because Ulquiorra doesn't get one. Fuck you, Kubo.But who am I kidding right? All she needs to do is flash her good looks and the thug was defeated >>The thug got the order to do so from someone else who looks like someone from the Xcutioner club but I can't be too sure. He goes by the name Tsukishima. Like I have said, I believe we have two different sides at the moment. The Xcutioners and the the guy who attacked Ishida are from two different groups.Ah at least towards the end of the chapter Kubo managed to get me excited. I really want to know who this Tsukishima is. He looks like a nerd, a good looking nerd at that with a darker side thus enough to make me a fan ^_^For my rants on previous chapters, click here.
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