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While its definitely true that things are starting to look up for this filler arc that we've been saddled with, its also true that the improvement is minimal at best. While the setup and overall plot seems to definitely have gotten a face lift, the dialogue and more importantly, the character portrayals are bad to the point of jarring. A lot of this filler seems to scream "delay time" as much as possible, and unlike what Fairy Tail is generally, it seems to be artificially slowing time down. I think one of Fairy Tail's strengths is how quick the pace is, particularly in terms of battles. Unlike Dragon Ball Z, Bleach or Naruto, the battles in Fairy Tail's manga adapted parts are always over within an episode, maybe two at the max. Whether its due to budget or just the directing style, it definitely keeps things moving at a brisk, swift pace. It is, therefore, extremely painful when Fairy Tail throws in battles that are only meant to delay the plot or even more jarringly, use dialogue to reiterate the same thing several times in an effort to finish the episode.
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