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I really like this episode. We learn about Nel's past and what a big Jerk and sexist Nnoitra is! He's seriously very chauvinistic! I hope that Someone Strong will appear soon (most likely in Episode 196) and kick Nnoitra's a**.Pesche and Dondochakka are as usual talking nonsense at the start of episode. (really lame talk about Syazel's tentacles looking like udon. =/) However, at the end of the episode, they feel the strong resolution of Nel-sama and they become resolved too and try to save Ishida and Renji from Syazel (I think that's pretty cool of Pesche and Dondochakka! ^^)Toshiro makes a surprise appearance in Shinigami Golden. (I think this is to satisfy those Toshiro fans since he is the current Most Popular Bleach Character) I like the Shinigami Golden.. it's really funny :DToushiro is sleeping as he attempts to 'grow ' taller.Isane is too tall!!Episode 194Nel is having trouble fighting Nnoitra and Ichigo wants to save her. But well, he lacks the strength to.Nel's past.Nnoitra was always at the losing end when he fought Nel in the past.He really hated Nel because he can't stand 'A female standing higher than a male in battle'. (really chauvinistic =X)Onscreen: PescheNnoitra attempted to anger Nel by breaking her beloved fraccions' masks. (so now we know that Pesche does not use to wear loin-cloth ^^)Nel got really p*ssed and attacked Nnoitra.Nnoitra was no match for Nel.However, Nnoitra played dirty and attacked Nel from behind and broke her mask. (despicable Nnoitra and poor Nel..)Syazel was not even an Espada at that time. He gave Nnoitra the idea and was helping Nnoitra from behind. (even more despicable =X)Nnoitra exiled Nel.Nel turned into her child-form and lost her memories.Pesche and Dondochakka swore to protect Nel-sama with their lives.The focus shifts to Renji v Syazel.Syazel breaks the Renji's Achilles Tendon! (I can feel Renji's pain. I just tore my foot ligament too.. :( ouch ouch!!)Pesche uses his 'Infinite Slick' attack!! (w00t!!)Renji's doll and 'organ parts' slip off Syazel's hand and Pesche catches hold of them. (Pesche can be useful too! ^^)Dondochakka releases Bawabawa from his mouth. Bawabawa is actually a spirit insect and Dondochakka has the ability to store it inside his body for battle.Ishida and Renji are obviously shocked and surprised!Pesche and Dondochakka, along with Bawabawa, resolve to help Nel-sama. But first, they need to fight Syazel.The focus shifts back to Nel v Nnoitra.Nel continues to fight back.We will see her Release in the next episode!
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