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Merry Christmas! メリー クリスマス! (^_-)-☆This episode has 2 things - humor and action.The first half featuring Mayuri, Nemu, Ishida and Renji is funny. However, I do find some parts a waste of airtime ie. the part showing Pesche and Dondochakka. I enjoy the interchanges between Mayuri and Ishida. It's really funny!The second half focuses on Kenpachi vs Nnoitra. It's intense and exciting. As of now, Nnoitra has a slight upper hand. I look forward to Kenpachi's comeback in the next episode! (^O^)/Episode 200Mayuri wins his fight against Syazel. Previously, Syazel mentioned that his resurrection ability makes him a Perfect being. However, Mayuri feels that there's no such thing as Perfection. He feels that it's the job of the scientists to always make things better, but never to obtain perfection as it's impossible.After leaving Syazel alone to die, Mayuri finds Nemu lying motionless on the ground. He then make some funny movements to try to heal her. While, he's healing her, Nemu is also making weird noises.When Renji and Ishida see Mayuri making those movements, they blushingly close their eyes. (haha.. I wonder what they are thinking of)After a while, Nemu is fully healed.Ishida asks Mayuri how he manages to heal Nemu using those weird movements. However, Mayuri refuses to explain to a layman. Ishida accuses of of doing something that cannot be aired on TV. Mayuri finds the accusation ridiculous. He feels that it's Ishida and Renji who are thinking naughty thoughts while they are watching. (haha.. agree!)Mayuri commands Nemu to drill the ground. (wow.. I never knew she has such ability!)Underground, they find Syazel's warehouse. According to Mayuri, in the warehouse, scientists will keep all the research materials and specimens they collect from all over the world. (Mayuri must be eyeing on the specimens.)Meanwhile, Kenpachi and Nnoitra are still fighting. As they fight, Yachiru, Orihime and Ichigo stand aside and watch. (Since, Orihime is healing Ichigo now, Nel should be fully healed?)Mayuri wants to 'heal' Ishida but Ishida is unwilling to let him do so as he's sure Mayuri will modify him, instead of heal him. The truth is exactly what Ishida says. (haha..)Nemu then uses her.. erm.. bust.. to suffocate Ishida. (ROFL)Ishida faints and Mayuri injects some weird green liquid into him.Renji requests for Mayuri to heal him first as he wants to return to battle.However, Mayuri says it's not necessary as Kenpachi is the only one fighting now. Given the way Kenpachi fights, he advises Renji not to interfere.Nnoitra moves himself up into the air and attacks Kenpachi. Kenpachi easily uses one hand to stop his Zanpakutou.Kenpachi then uses his Zanpakutou to stab Nnoitra's left eye.However, Nnoitra's hollow is at his left eye.Nnoitra then uses his Zanpakutou and cuts Kenpachi's left shoulder.Even though Kenpachi is injured, he appears more excited than ever!
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