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Finally, a FULL episode of Kenpachi vs Nnoitra. It's a battle of brute strength and reiatsu. \(^.^)/A few noteworthy points:- Nnoitra removes Kenpachi's eye-patch! Reiatsu overflowing~- Nnoitra releases!! His Zanpakutou is called Santa Teresa (Praying Mantis). When released, he gains two additional pairs of arms, and each of his hands holds a scythe-like weapon. His wounds heal almost instantly in his released state. He can also regenerate severed limbs.- Orihime's Shun Shun Rikka repels Ichigo and burns his hand! Wow.. does this mean Orihime is getting more powerful?I love the background music played during Nnoitra's release. It really creates the right mood.Like the previous episode, Nnoitra has a slight upper hand. His 6 arms and regenerative ability are posing problems for Kenpachi. Let's see how Kenpachi makes a comeback! (^-^)VEpisode 201Kenpachi overpowers Nnoitra.Nnoitra, in a panic, attacks Kenpachi and accidentally removes his eye-patch. Kenpachi's reiatsu is now overflowing!!Kenpachi attacks Nnoitra!However, Nnoitra makes an immediate comeback. He releases! With his release, he gains 2 more arms and his wounds are all healed.A battle of reiatsu!!The real fight begins!!With 4 arms, Nnoitra effectively blocks Kenpachi's Zanpakutou and manages to cut Kenpachi.Thinking that Kenpachi is dead, Nnoitra moves on to attack Yachiru. Orihime rushes to Yachiru's rescue. She uses Santen Kesshun to protect Yachiru. Ichigo, who is left behind in the Souten Kisshun barrier, tries to come out to help Orihime. However, the barrier prevents him from doing so by repelling him.Of course, Kenpachi is not dead. He attacks Nnoitra from behind. He cuts off one of his arms. Kenpachi's plan is to cut off 3 of his arms, and leave 1 for the fight to continue. However, the plan cannot materialize as Nnoitra's arm regenerates!My favorite scene of the entire episode!!Kenpachi uses 1 hand to throw Nnoitra to the ground! Cool~~Nnoitra suddenly gains 2 more arms and uses one of the arms to stab Kenpachi!The battle continues next week!!
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