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WTH.. next week, we'll see Lurichiyo. What does that mean? Well, it means Fillers!! (=.=) Boy.. I really hate Bleach fillers!If I'm not wrong, the 'Turn back the Pendulum' arc will only start at the 206th Episode.Anyway, this episode is the buildup to the Winter War. It's a shame that we won't get to see the actual War happening so soon. First, we need to get through the stupid Fillers, then the 'Turn back the Pendulum' arc. I love the 'Turn back the Pendulum' arc so I don't mind that! (^.^)/I'll be taking a break from Bleach for 2 weeks. It's painful to watch the fillers and I shall spare myself from the misery. SummaryOrihime is kidnapped again! This time round, she's brought away by Stark (one of the top 3 Espada) to Aizen. Aizen asks Orihime to stay put in the 5th Tower while Gin, Tousen and him will set off to destroy Karakura town and create the King's Key. Through the use of Way of Binding No. 77: Soaring Net of the Heavens, Aizen reveals to everyone that he only kidnapped Orihime to reduce the number of captain-level Shinigami in Karakura Town. This would allow him to destroy the town more easily to create the King's Key. Before Aizen leaves, he also seals off the 4 Garganta the Shinigami used to get to Hueco Mundo. This means that no Shinigami can leave Hueco Mundo.However, it seems like his plan will not proceed smoothly as Soul Society is already prepared for his move. Yamamoto has instructed Urahara beforehand to create 4 'Transferred World's Support Pillars', which act like Senkai gates. Yamamoto has also instructed Mayuri to create a duplicate of Karakura Town. The original is moved using the Pillars to the outskirts of Rukongai, Soul Society. The Pillars help to support the real Karakura Town. As such, Soul Society prepares their Shinigami to fight in the duplicated Karakura.Aizen is unfazed by what he sees. He's confident that his Top 3 Espada - Stark, Barragan and Halibel can help him fight off the Shinigami in Karakura Town. He also left Ulquiorra in charge of Hueco Mundo.Upon hearing all that, Ichigo rushes to the 5th Tower to again save Orihime, who, this time, is alone with Ulquiorra.PicturesNnoitra is confimed dead!While on her way to heal Kenpachi, Orihime is kidnapped by Stark!Way of Binding No. 77: Soaring Net of the HeavensThe pillars Urahara made.Soul Society vs. Stark, Barragan, Halibel + Aizen, Gin and Tousen.
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