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Yea!! 'Turn back the Pendulum' arc!!- Shinji looks so cute with long hair! LOL- Finally, we get to see Urahara without his hat.- Shinji and Hiyori are arch enemies since 110 years ago.- Kensei was the coolest looking Taichou in Gotei 13.- Lisa looks a lot like Nanao but her personality is more similar to Shunshui's.- Ukitake used to tie his hair.- Yoruichi used to have short hair.- Shunshui, Unohana and Yamamoto look the same.This episode is a little slow. I think the next one will be more interesting. We'll see how Urahara deals with his rebellious vice Taichou, Hiyori. \(^.-)/SummaryOne hundred and ten years ago, the Vizards were high-ranking Shinigami. In this episode, a few of the Vizards are introduced:Shinji Hirako - Taichou of 5th DivisionKensei Muguruma - Taichou of 9th DivisionRose - Taichou of 3rd DivisionLove Aikawa - Taichou of 7th DivisionHiyori Sarugaki - Vice Taichou of 12th DivisionLisa Yadoumaru - Vice Taichou of 8th DivisionOther Notable Characters and their positions one hundred and ten years ago:Yoruichi Shihouin - Taichou of 2nd Division (now: cat)Kisuke Urahara - 3rd seat of 2nd Division; then was promoted to Taichou of 12th Division (now: owner of Urahara Shop)Soi Fon - Yoruichi's personal bodyguard (now: Taichou of 2nd Division)Aizen Sousuke - Vice Taichou of 5th Division (now: leader of Arrancar)Ginrei Kuchiki - Taichou of 6th Division and Grandfather of Byakuya Kuchiki (now: retired)According to Shunsui, at that time, only Yamamoto, Ukitake, Unohana and himself had been Taichou for more than 100 years. Unohana also revealed that the Taichou of the 12th Division, Hikifune, had been promoted. Aizen was shocked to hear that and asked if she had been promoted to Central 46. Shunshui replied no and revealed that she had been promoted to Royal Guard, Zero Division.Soi Fon was the personal bodyguard of Yoruichi. She's very respectful of Yoruichi and seemed a little jealous of Yoruichi's close friendship with Urahara. To prove to Yoruichi that Urahara was incapable, she followed Urahara around the entire day and noted down everything he did. After consolidating all her notes, she went to look for Yoruichi. She was shocked to see Urahara with Yoruichi. Yoruichi informed her that she had recommended Urahara to the position of 12th Division Taichou. Soi Fon was again shocked and presented her notes to Yoruichi. After reading the notes, Yoruichi laughed and started teasing Soi Fon about her 'love' towards Urahara.Urahara passed the Taichou Qualification Exam and he's officially the Taichou of the 12th Division. However, for his first Taichou meeting, he's the last to arrive.PicturesAizen - Vice Taichou of 5th DivisionShinji - Taichou of 5th DivisionHaha.. Hiyori kick!ROFLLove - Taichou of 7th DivisionRose - Taichou of 3rd DivisionShunshui and Unohana look the same. Ukitake used to tie his hair.Vice Taichou - Lisa, Hiyori and Aizen.Ginrei Kuchiki - Taichou of 6th Division and Grandfather of Byakuya KuchikiA sparring fight - Yoruichi vs Urahara!Urahara without a hat!Yoruichi - Taichou of 2nd DivisionSoi Fon - personal bodyguard of YoruichiKensei - Taichou of 9th DivisionThe old Gotei 13.Urahara - officially the Taichou of 12th Division.
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