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Ulquiorra releases his true form.Summary:Rukia continues to battle Rudobone at the base of the dome. Rudobone's true form allows the arrancar to generate an unlimited number of soldiers called Calabaras, and Rukia is starting to wear out from the onslaught. Rudobone is in the process of taunting Rukia when he notices that Ulquiorra has broken through the dome.At the top of the dome, Ulquiorra explains to Ichigo that there are two things that are not allowed within Meno Loches. One is the Espada's cero called the "Grand Rey Cero" while the other is resurrecion by an Espada above cuatro (no. 4 I'm guessing). The no. 4 espada then releases his true form which gives him a horned helmet and a set of huge, pitch black bat wings. Ichigo can feel the fear and despair in the air, but he doesn't have much time to think as Ulquiorra immediately attacks. Ichigo barely manages to deflect the blow with a Getsuga, but a piece of his hollow mask has been sliced off.Ichigo not looking so good.~~~~~~~~~~~~~Ulquiorra's much-anticipated true form has appeared, and it's... not as impressive I had hoped it to be. Just a horned helmet and some wings? Not terribly original I must say, but at least he doesn't look ugly or weird. As expected, Ichigo has his hands full and even his hollow part seems to be scared. I'm sure it'll be a quite the fight though.Checking on the side fights, Rukia doesn't seem to be too well against Rudobone either. The ability to generate an unlimited number of cronies can be quite a pain for the enemy. No worries for Rukia though, since big bro Byakuya will probably step in if she can't handle things by herself.
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