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My favorite episode in TBTP arc so far. Kensei is so cool!! Kakkoii!! Young Hisagi! So kawaii!! Kensei is Hisagi's idol. The '69' tattooed on Hisagi's face shows his admiration for Kensei. I can't wait for the 2 of them to meet again. So far, it hasn't happened in the manga. I certainly hope it will!!SummaryThe episode begins 101 years ago, 9 years after Urahara was promoted to 12th Division Taichou.Shinji greets Urahara who is accompanied by his Vice Taichou, Hiyori, and his 3rd seat, Mayuri. Shinji greets both Urahara and Mayuri. As they begin conversation, Hiyori gives Shinji a powerful kick because he did not greet her. The two begin bickering as usual. Aizen then continues where Shinji left off and asks Urahara if he has heard about the strange disappearances in Rukongai. Urahara asks if disappearing means going somewhere. Shinji says it's not as apparently, in every disappearance, not a trace is left of the victims other than their clothes. What he hears from Unohana is that when a spirit dies, nothing, including the clothes, is left. However, in the recent disappearances, the souls are still living but they are unable to maintain human form and that explains why only the clothes remain.The situation is currently being investigated by the 9th Division. The 9th Division Taichou, Kensei, along with four subordinates, leaves Sereitei to investigate the case. His Vice Taichou, Mashiro, keeps pestering him not to go as 10 Shinigami had already been sent out to investigate, so he should just wait for their report. Mashiro then starts to throw a tantrum. Kensei deems it best to just leave her alone.Suddenly, a giant hollow with snake-like head and spider-like body appears. It's attacking 3 boys and one of them is someone familiar. Kensei releases his zanpakutou, Tachikaze, which fires a blast that blows the giant hollow apart. Seeing the small boy crying, Kensei tells him that he should be happy that he's alive and asks him to smile. Kensei asks for his name and the boy wipes away his tears as he says Hisagi Shuuhei. Kensei comments that Shuuhei is a strong name. Mashiro, who has been missing in action, tells Kensei that she has found something in the bushes. It's Shihakusho (Shinigami uniform). She tells him there are 10 of them in the bushes. Coincidentally, 10 Shinigami were sent out for the investigation.Kensei's suspicion rises. He orders Eishima to inform Central 46 that they have their first Shinigami victims in the disappearing souls case. Next, he tells Toudou that there may be some sort of a virus causing the souls to break down, so he must inform the 12th Division immediately. Lastly, Kasaki is ordered to have those on standby get them a tent, since they'll be camping there tonight. Tousen asks what he should do, and Kensei tells him to search the area alongside him. Kensei orders Hisagi to go home quickly before the sun sets. Hisagi notices the number 69 tattooed on Kensei's chest before he leaves.Meanwhile, Mayuri is working in the Research and Development Institute's Laboratory and ordering Hiyori around. Mayuri begins to comment on how slow she is, to which she becomes enraged. She attempts to use her rank to get Mayuri to respect her but ranks mean nothing to him, and in the Research Institute, he outranks her anyway. Hiyori then yells for Urahara, and tells him he has not trained Mayuri well. Urahara comes out of his room with something draped over his shoulder. Hiyori is surprised to see it and asks Urahara what it is. He tells her it's a new gigai he's experimenting on. If nearly disintegrated souls were put into the gigai, he might be able to stop them from disappearing.Toudou then appears, with an urgent request for 12th Division Taichou from Kensei. Urahara is filled in on the recent events, and promises to send someone out tonight. Being the only one he can trust with this case, Hiyori is chosen. Hiyori is initially reluctant but begrudginly agrees.Toudou returns to the site and Tousen states that since he's back, three of them can keep watch outside the tent. Inside the tent, Kensei wonders how Mashiro can sleep at a time like this. Suddenly a scream is heard from outside, and as Kensei gets out of the tent to see what happened, he sees Eishima's and Kaname's bodies lying on the ground, seemingly dead. Toudou is the only one still standing, but as he turns around to face Kensei, he is cut down instantly by an unseen force. Kensei warns Kasaki that the enemy is still nearby, and yells for Mashiro to wake up. Before he can do anything, Kasaki is also cut down. Darkness then surrounds Kensei and he's stabbed from behind in the stomach. As he turns, the attacker seems to be familiar to him, as his face looks completely shocked.PicturesHiyori's kick! Powerful as ever! ^^9th Division is in charge of the investigation.Giant hollow attacks!One of the boys fights back.Kensei to his rescue!Kensei's Shikai - TachikazeHisagi Shuuhei (current Vice Taichou of 9th Division)69!The first generation of Gigai.Hiyori reluctantly agrees to join the investigation.Mashiro (Vice Taichou of 9th Division) - Nice sleeping posture!Kensei is attacked!!
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