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TBTP is progressing very fast and it's about to end soon. (v.v)This means more fillers are coming up soon. Oh.. I'm so not looking forward to that.Anyway, Kensei looks so cool as a semi-hollow! Mashiro looks a little like an insect.I love the fight between Kensei and the others. The background music that is playing when Kensei is trying to break free from Hachigen's level-60 Bakudo is ultra cool.SummaryAn emergency meeting is called for all Taichou. The Reiatsu of Kensei Taichou and Mashiro Vice-Taichou cannot be found. Urahara asks one of his subordinates where Hiyori is. The small bespectacled girl says she has just left, and Urahara runs off, regretting his decision to send Hiyori.According to reports from the 9th Division, Kensei and Mashiro have disappeared, and the reason is unknown. As of yesterday, these strange events had only occurred in Rukongai, but now the matter must be solved to protect the honor of the 13 Protection Squads. Yamamoto decides to choose 5 Shinigami to investigate the matter. At that moment, Urahara arrives and begs Yamamoto to let him go, but the answer is no. Urahara tries to argue with him but is stopped by Yoruichi. She tells him to get a hold of himself as losing his composure like that is an insult to his Vice-Taichou. Upon hearing that, Urahara is left speechless.Yamamoto continues. The 3 Taichou sent out for investigation are 3rd Division Taichou, Rose, 5th Division Taichou, Shinji, and 7th Division Taichou, Love. Yoruichi is to standby for further orders, while Ginrei, Shunsui and Ukitake are to guard Seireitei. Despite her great healing abilities, Unohana Taichou is ordered to prepare the relief station for casualties, as they do not know what exactly is the real situation like. Other healers will be sent out instead. Tessai and Hachigen (Kidou Taichou and Vice-Taichou respectively) enter the room, and are ordered by Yamamoto to assist in the investigation. Shunsui comments that it's a bad idea to send both the Kidou Taichou and Vice-Taichou out when they have no idea what's going on, and he suggests sending his Vice-Taichou, Lisa, in Tessai's place. Lisa, who has been eavesdropping the whole time, agrees to take his place and Yamamoto allows it. Shunsui says that Lisa may not look it, but she's pretty strong, and he assures Kisuke that Hiyori's strong as well.Meanwhile, Hiyori is being attacked by a dark and large figure and has sustained injuries. Just as the enormous figure attacks again, Shinji comes to her aid and asks her why she didn't pull out her katana. Hiyori replies that she couldn't. Then, the figure shows itself in the light, and to Shinji's horror, it wears a Shihakusho and has a 69 tatoo on its chest. This monster, though almost unrecognizable, is none other than Kensei!Love, Rose and Lisa rush to the scene only to find their friend, Kensei, a monster. They are shocked that his Reiatsu is similar to that of a hollow. Shinji says he also doesn't know what's going on, but he knows that if they don't put up a fight, they will certainly die.Love is having a hard time dealing with Kensei. Hiyori yells at him to stop, reminding him it is Kensei that he is fighting. Shinji tells her to be quiet and says that since it's Kensei, all the more they have to stop him. Rose adds that Kensei is important, and Lisa comforts her by saying that there are plenty of ways to stop Kensei without actually killing him. Lisa tells Rose that she will cut his tendons, and asks him to take the right side. As they charge towards Kensei, another mysterious figure appears behind Rose. It is Mashiro! Her mask resembles an insect, particularly because of the large eyes, heart-shaped face and 2 long feelers. She attacks Shinji, and he unsheathes his sword. Carrying Hiyori on one hand, Shinji has trouble following her attacks. When Mashiro is about to give her finishing blow, Hachigen appears and uses 'Quintet of Iron Pillars' to hold Mashiro down. He then uses 'Way of Binding No. 63: Winding Binding Chains' to restrict Kensei's movements. However, shocking to Hachigen, Kensei manages to break free from the level-60 Bakudo with physical strength alone.Elsewhere, a dark figure wearing a cloak is shown. The figure is approached by Tessai and he asks why would someone create a cloak which completely hides one's reiatsu. The figure is none other than Urahara, and Tessai asks him if he is planning to rescue Hiyori. When Urahara asks Tessai if he will let him pass, Tessai replies that he will not let him go alone as he also feels an indescribable fear and he volunteers to follow along.PicturesThe following Shinigami are sent out to investigate the incident:Rose - 3rd Division TaichouShinji - 5th Division TaichouLove - 7th Division TaichouTessai and Hachigen - Kidou Taichou and Vice-Taichou respectivelyLisa - 8th Division Vice-Taichou (in place of Tessai)Shunsui: 'Don't worry. Hiyori-chan's pretty strong! But of course, she's not as strong as my Lisa-chan.'Shinji to the rescue!The monster is Kensei!!The fight begins!Mashiro (Her mask really looks like an insect!)Hachigen to the rescue!Way of Binding No. 63: Winding Binding ChainsBut Kensei manages to break free!Urahara in his Reiatsu-hiding cloak.Tessai feels an indescribable fear too!
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